Cleo Lemon

Interesting article by Steve Simmons in the Toronto Sun:

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I stand by my oppinion that the CFL and NFL are completely different games requiring different skills and mindsets. Star Quarterbacks in the NFL would not neccesarily make Star Quarterbacks in the CFL. Of course the same can be said for almost any position, Ricky Williams was a Star Running Back but he didn't exactly light things up when he played here. Completely different game...

You’re right about that. It looks like Barker might finally be getting over his man crush on Lemon, and might be coming to the conclusion that he won’t cut it. It would help if he had a good receiving core though. The argos have the worst group of receivers in the CFL…again.

The CFL is a quarterback league. If we look back at the last decade, the Grey Cup champions, they all had elite quarterbacks. Lemon is just mediocre, and from what I’ve heard the job should have gone to Dalton Bell in training camp as he had a better camp.

Totally agree there! I can recall many QBs who had great US college careers and then fell flal on their faces in the CFL (Andre Ware, Timmy Chang, Tee Martin), and who could forget one Vince Ferragamo ?

At this point geroy gotta agree with you. . . I suppose it made sense to give the guy some time to see if he could develop, but we haven't seen even any minor flashes that he's starting to 'get it' in the CFL. Rather than developing over time, he seems to be regressing.

That said. . .

It would help if he had a decent receiving corps. . . several years running now and Toronto has had the league's weakest receiving corps. . .

Simons hit the nail on the head.
Lemon never had it in the CFL and never will.
Time for Barker to admit this failure of his and move on
at the end of the year.
It's unfortunately too late to bring anyone else in and definitely not Printers with his attitude.

Ferragamo was almost the MVP of the NFL a year or two before he came up north. He sucked BIG TIME up here! :lol: Still remember him and the Als getting wiped out 56 to 0 in Winnipeg in 1981 at one my first games in person.

You give good examples, I really expected Timmy Chang to do well up here. The Hawaii State offense was all about the air, but I think he may have not been mobile enough. I hope Hamilton grooms Porter, he had some real flashes of brilliance last season.

Nah; he had a flash of brilliance two seasons ago. . . last season, not at all, this season he's hardly seen the field. Another one who regressed rather than developed, as I see it.

too bad though, he looked really good before Glenn got his groove back.

I only thought he looked really good in one game against Montreal 2 seasons ago. Based on that, he was pratically handed the starter's job at the beginning of last season, and he couldn't get the job done, losing his starter's role to Glenn half way through the sesason. Really, he's showed precious little in 2009 and 2010. Jury's still out I suppose, but if I were to be a betting man and had to put money down now on whether or not he'll develop into a quality starter in this league, my money would be going against it. But he's probably still got a better shot at it than Lemon appears to have. . .

Its always nice to see a young guy do well though, but it doesn't seem to happen very often. If toronto falls out of the playoff hunt they should at least get Bell into some games so he has some experince for next year, might give him a better chance at the starting job.

Problem there is that they aren't likely to fall out of the playoffs, Winnipeg is looking at best for a crossover to the west. But I agree, that offence is going nowhere with Lemon at the controls, I'd be looking to split the duties between Bell and Dorsey at this point, and maybe even give Brannagan a shot. . . Can it be any worse?

Now a lot of what happened yesterday isn't all the fault of Toronto's offence or QB. .. a big pat on the back has to go to the Tiger-Cats defence, from Coordinator Marshall on down, for an absolutely stellar performance.

That said, however, the Argos' offence has been pretty dismal from the start of the season. . . their wins mainly came because of their defence and special teams.

And of course now they ride Cory Boyd like the little frieght train he seems to be. hope he didn't bang his ankle up to bad.

Hamilton's d-line yesterday was spectacular!

I'll say. . heck their whole darn defence was spectacular. . . and Baggs. . . hey if you look at the two major mid season signings in the East, it would be 2 defensive ends, Baggs signing in Hamilton and Foley signing in Toronto.

Guess we know who won that little exchange. . .

And Perry Lefko pooh-poohed the Baggs signing. . .

Declaring a winner in something like that after three games is a bit aggressive, methinks.

Not correct. Bell did have better stats in the two preseason games, but he was playing against fewer legitimate players and in any case, Lemon won the job based on his far superior performances in camp as a whole. Lemon has been inconsistent at best, and sometimes awful, but Bell has looked much worse in his few appearances.

Sometimes you need to let a guy get a little more into the game, they only put Bell in for a couple series, which may have been the Jyles/Durant strategy, but you do need them to develope a rythme in order to be effective.

Yes, I suppose it might be. . . I guess I was just trying to be as aggressive as Hamilton's defence was last night, as opposed to being totally passive as Toronto's offence was. . .

He has been in several games, and played one in its entirety. I've not once seen signs that he has what it takes, and have seen many signs that he is way out of his depth. Whereas with Lemon I have often seen signs that he has what it takes (just not very often over the past six-seven weeks, unfortunately).