Cleo Lemon

I think he was respectable in his first reg season cfl game. It would have helped if he had had a more experienced and dependable reciever core. Remains to be seen if he will get better, or turn out to be another lemon.

I just had to :smiley:

He looked ok in the limited time I saw, seems to have a bit of the happy feet but it's his debut. The game definitely shouldn't have been that close though, score flattered the Argo's.

And it would have been much, much better, if he had a more experienced and dependable receiver CORPS. . .

Sorry, I just had to. . .

He had almost no help from the mates, specifically the Copeland fumble and a few drops. Knows when to get rid of the ball which I liked. IMO he can be a decent QB in this league, maybe not a great one but a good one.


I've been drinking... and here's what I think:

Argo O-line was not improved from last year, and you can't blame Van Zeyl for it. Rob Murphy is still leaving the QB out to dry.

Our D-line was a step back from last year. Lets hope that was due to Belli's suspension. Burris has all the time in the world to do whatever he wanted.

Why the heck can't our LBs and DBs tackle anyone????

Why are the Calgary receivers standing alone on the field at all times, but our receivers can't get open to save their lives??

I was kind of annoyed with Chad Owens for the whole game. Every time he was tackled on a punt, he would try to look all intense and hardcore and disappointed in himself for not living up to his billing. Then he had a return for a touchdown... so who cares what I think... :slight_smile:

Cory Boyd didn't do much, but there didn't seem to be many plays run for him, and there weren't any holes on those that were.

Lemon didn't do much, although I thought he hung onto the ball for too long a few times. That could be our receivers' fault tho. I get that the stamps were paying a lot of attention to copeland all night, but our other guys shoulda been able to get open. Should still get to start next game, hopefully some receivers will show up to join him.

All told, I'm even more nervous about the next game. Lucky for you Argos that I love ya and I'm never going anywhere.

...just back from the stadium, at 500 yards Stamps vs. 200 yards Argos you'dve thunk the game would've been quite different but kudos to the argos for hanging in there and Lemon showed a lot better than his preseason debut...a little more confidence and some gellin' on the blue and blue O and they should do well...

wait wait wait, I'm not finished.

as nervous as I am as an Argo fan, I'd be even more nervous as a Calgary fan. My boys couldn't do much the whole night, and they were still in it for almost the entire game. My boys have the excuse that they just met each other.

...I'll take the two points and move on...thanks to your team for showing up and making my evening entertaining...

no, I meant core, as in core of recievers.

unless you mean to say corpse 8)

The Argos weren't as bad as I thought they'd be and if they get some o-line going more I think Lemon will be quite respectable. This year I don't think the Argos will win more than 3 games, max.

Pretty good review IMO. Even if it was from a fuzzy mind. :slight_smile:

Lemon got better as the game went on and Barker stuck with him. As long as they gut it out they will come out of the tunnel at some point. Noticed however that Barker still prone to temper tantrums :slight_smile:

Saw a couple players playing soft and not sticking their heads in on defense for the Argos...Some vets... It will all come out when they look at the film.

Bear with me FYB, this isn't that difficult:

core vs corps vs corpse : Common Errors in English
« Back to Common Errors About core vs corps vs corpse; Apples have cores. A corps is an organization, like the Peace Corps. A corpse is a dead body, a carcass.

corps definition(s)1.(n) an army unit usually consisting of two or more divisions and their support
2.(n) a body of people associated together

The Argos have an apple core of recievers...sounds about right.

He looked OK. I wasn't expecting much from Toronto, so seeing them still in the game in the fourth was a bit surprising. He put up some halfway decent stats, but I agree with the poster who said he held onto the ball too long a couple of times. But whatever, it was his first regularly season game. I'm sure he'll get the hang of it soon enough.

Hopefully he can learn fast enough to make a decent season for the Argos. But from what I saw of the game it appears that half the team are CFL rookies so it's not just Lemon that needs some more experience. There were so many player names I had never heard of I thought it was a pre-season roster rather than start of the season. It will be a challenge for the coaching staff to get the Argos into the playoffs this season.

A little bit off topic but - Whatever happened to Arland Bruce - is he still with Hamilton?

So now will the Argos be able to make lemonade out of that lemon or will he just go sour on them?

(cue for more corny lemon jokes and puns again) :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, i didn't see the game so I can't comment too much. but Both teams have needs, the Stamps need experienced O-Lineman.. and the Argo's need a proven QB and some more receivers..

Good point was made last nite, with the 2 preseason games Lemon's gotten less than a games worth of reps, and that against pretty vanilla defences. It'll take a while to find out if he's a bust. They'll need to stick with him and give him reps against live CFL defences and see if he can learn. His stats were decent, not spectacular, but could've been much better if his receivers made some catches. He needs to find a go to receiver in the bunch, could be Durie, good game for him. Lemon's gotten some experience, lets see if he can build on that. If he can't, then Dalton Bell. I would imagine Lemon gets probably 4-5 games to strut his stuff before Bell becomes a consideration though, aside from games that get way outta control. Certainly they can't let the season go completely outta control if Lemon's floundering. Another 3 win season could hurt the crowd they already have.

If he fumbles twice, lost or not, in 2 out of the next 3 games as he did last night, I disagree with this take and he'll be riding pine by the 4th or 5th game and not getting more of a chance.