Clemons named Argos new CEO

IMO great news

What do you guys think?

I think it's a good move by the Argos. And congrats to Pinball on the promotion. :smiley:

This was going to happen sooner or later for sure with Pinner saying he wasn't a career coach. The Argos were smart not to let this drag on too much.

anybody know clemons educational background, university or college majors??

anybody know clemons educational background, university or college majors??
The College of William and Mary


Grats to Pinball! Great move by the Argos.

Great move by the Argos.
Pinball is the face of the team.

aside from his personality and character, what are his off field functional strengths and how will those be utilized as CEO?

What actually does a CEO of a football team do anyhow? As opposed to the GM, or president, or owner???

Don't forget Pinball has a degree in business management from William & Mary and is articulate and extremely smart.
I expect the change from Pelley to Pinball will be smooooooth.

To paraphrase the press conference, he will be responsible for the general direction of the team and getting the city excited about the Argos.

so, pretty much public relations then, with a little extra clout.??

Nice of Kent Austin to show up at the press conference wearing an Argos cap. (See photo caption - which may be a little out-of-date)

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I think you're mistaken ExPat.
That is obviously an old picture.

And about that picture on this website of new ARgos coach Rich Stubler standing beside Pinball Clemons.

The first think that comes to mind when I see this photo is Gary Coleman with Mr. Willis.

I realize it's an old picture. I like the fact the someone at Sun Media would pull up something from the archives and just write a caption as though it's a few days old.

Also, it was Mr. Drummond. Willis was Gary Coleman's brother.