Clemons and Buratto have to go!

I hate to say it, as I am a long-time Argos fan, but Clemons has made a mess of the Argos during his tenure as General Manager and Buratto has no clue how to get Joseph into the game (i.e., Joseph played all of last night’s game in the pocket save 2 plays!). Given Bishop’s stellar performance last night as a Roughie (i.e., someone knows how to exploit his strengths), it is clear that there are some serious leaks in the Argo ship. Clemons should be moved into an honourary position with the organization and Buratto should just get the boot! I was so appalled with last night’s game that I began to wonder if Ted Rogers had bribed Clemons and Buratto to sink the Good Ship Argo!!! :cowboy:

Adam Rita is the GM, Clemons is the president or something along those lines.

Yes TO organization sucks as it stands and Mathews isn’t the answer. Far as I’m concerned its like bringing back a surgeon after 5 years of hiatus. Big mistake everyone will see down the road. And yes it appears like they don’t care.

So, did that broken ankle require surgery? You'd think a longtime Argo fan would know who his GM is. And when you fire the coach midseason, don't expect miracles.

Ok, but I had heard that Clemons had been instrumental in bringing in Joseph. Regardless, I would say the same about Rita. He's a friggin' dinosaur! :cowboy:

The story is how Rita was a Bishop fan while Pinball liked Joseph and convinced the owners to sign him.
What a MISTAKE, Bishop looks great and will lead the Riders.
The same Pinball also decided to sign Vanderjagt and traded Pre.
What a MISTAKE, Vandy looks done and is what 38 and Pre is having a good year in Edmonton, with all of his stats beating Vanderjagt.
So as much as Pinball yes can be blamed for this mess, still he is a great human being and is the face of the Argos, so he is untouchable.
I don't know what the answer is, this team is a mess.
Maybe signing Printers when the Cats release him and hopefully he will work out?

I’ll trade you Bishop and everything we got in the KJ deal and you give us KJ back, okay? Bishop has hardly looked great. Mediocre might be generous. Pinball has done a fabulous job with the Argos and deciding to throw him under the bus because the team stumbled this year is a little bit over the top…

I just think that Rita is way over the hill and Pinball is just to nice to be a good businessman. I have faith in the Don, but this season is pretty much a bust! :cowboy:

Furthermore, look at what Marcel Bellefeuille has done with the Ti-Cats. I know, it’s only one game, but holy smokes, it’s been a long time since I saw the Cats look so good! I kept thinking, where have Porter and Rodriquez been all season? Bellefeuille is making the right moves. Can we say the same about the Don? :cowboy:

oh criminy, the Don inherited a bigger on field mess. If the argos are not notably better next yr, then maybe it is time to question the Don, not before.

Losing Pinball would be the worst thing that could happen to the Argos but great for whoever else hires him. While it was a mistake to sign Joseph and Bishop, this team would be terrible with Bishop at the helm to. He hasn't exactly been great as a Rider. He's been inconsistent and makes a lot of mistakes. I only hope he can find something to make it through the rest of the season without making too many bad decisions.

Give Bishop a chance he will be a very very good qb for saskatchewan. You guys should not let him go. :wink:

The funniest (and lamest) posting I've read in quite some time.

The storyline that has emerged shows Rita as having far more savvy than Clemons, who appears to have almost single-handedly sabotaged this entire Argonaut season. One shudders to think of him having any political power to go along with his political ambition.

Pinball deserves a learning curve here for a few years. Give the guy a break for pete’s sakes.

One thing I don't like to see is Pinball on the sidelines talking to the players during the game. Not just chatting, but discussing the game with them, as if he's making adjustments or something. That kind of hands-on micromanagement may be the reason Stubler was such a dismal failure. If it continues with Matthews, the same fate awaits him.

Hey, Pinball, you're not a player, you're not a coach, you're not even a GM. You should be taking care of the business of football, and letting the coaches coach, the managers manage, and the players play.

As for the Vanderjagt vs Prefontaine issue, the reason for that decision is simple: MV is an NFLer, and NP is not. The Argos organization has for years been willing to hang its proverbial hat on former NFL players and draft picks, bringing them in with all kinds of hype and fanfare like the second coming of Christ. Bethel Johnson, Ricky Williams, Andre Rison, all these guys were supposed to be huge stars in our league. None of them amounted to anything. At least Vanderjagt was a CFL kicker in the past, and a darn good one, and it's that experience -- not his years in the States -- that make him good enough to be in this league now, even if his numbers aren't great. The Argos seem to think that just because someone played in the NFL, or was drafted by an NFL team, they should be automatically considered stars in the CFL. They need to lose that belief.

More importantly, they need to clearly establish the duties of each member of their organization, so that screw-ups like the Bishop/Joseph one don't happen again.

And High_Five, I know it appears that Rodriguez came out of nowhere last weekend, but except for a couple of missed games early on he's been here all season, and was the Cats' leading receiver going into Saturday's game. Those jump balls are becoming like his trademark, since at 6'5" he's already high above the defenders even before his vertical leap, which is significant. He'll likely get a lot more attention in the remaining games this season, which should open up the field a little for Scott Mitchell and Chris Baumann, both 6'3" or taller, and the little guys like Pat Woodcock and Tony Miles. Quinton Porter, at 6'5" himself, should have no difficulty finding them, providing the O-line gives him some time.

you might have a point if it was anybody esle but pinball. I like seeing him there and I think its a damn good things he is. A former star giving tips to present players, specially rookies, is a good thing.

Actually, Bethel Johnson is in Sask. now and played reasonably well before he got hurt. Now no one's gonna confuse him for Orlando Pace, but he's harldly a but of the scale of Rison, Boston or Williams.

So Pinball is a rookie making a rookie's mistakes? Ok, but they are huge mistakes! I was confused, to say the least, when the Argos signed Joseph after a couple of years of uncertainty about Bishop. I was also puzzled when Stubler was promoted to coach. He was doing a great job with the defense. It it ain't broke...I was equally puzzled as to why they kept Burrato when he clearly couldn't get the offense producing the last couple of years. It wasn't as if Rita/Clemons had to make a mid-season recovery due to a coach's illness (the Don in Montreal). Nope, the Argos management had ample time to consider their options. And finally for my rant for today, the Don indicated that the Argos couldn't let Joseph run the ball against BC last Friday because the BC defense were running formations specifically designed to shut Joseph's run down. But I only saw one play where Joseph had a clear option play. He wasn't even allowed to roll out to execute his passess! All is not well in Argoland... :cowboy:

Thank god the Bills are 4-1!