Clemon is Boring

Seriously does anyone else find this?
In comparison with the rest of the leagues quarterbacks, cleo lemon seems to have absolutely no personality.

Everytime he is interviewed he sounds like a business man, like he is trying to portray himself as better then everyone else.

Even when he plays and is effective he is boring, aside from the odd special play thanks to his offensive coordinators, he barely ever even runs, I think he runs least in the league.

I hope after he leaves the argos get someone with some passion...

Lemons iz awsoeme dewd! :lol:

I would gladly trade printers and reciever wilson for lemons, anyday.

Argo fans is boring!
Turn off your Blackberries! It is emasculating ya!

The buck stops with results for me and perhaps some other fans, so I am all for a business approach over the common flash and crap. Oh it does not hurt if a guy helps a team to win and is cool or hip too, and otherwise I don't desire criminals or serious druggies on my team, but I could care less if the guy is cool or a douchebag if he gets results and he's on my team or another team I don't dislike greatly.

This is football and like any sport, almost almost (2x) all ought be decided on the field and not like at the average office, high school, college, political rally, miscellaneous chicken coup of babbling women, et cetera ...dilute those expectations and we will get something like ESPN during the day any more that is more like a stupid morning show all day instead of the hard core sports reporting it once was for which thaknfully the NFL Network ousted ESPN a few years ago ...too many ninnies in the coup at the likes of "The Worldwide Leader" no thanks -- guaranteed CF and living hell.

I don't know how TSN is during the work days especially up there, but if anything like ESPN down here then they are screwing up too.

I don't want my football or any sports experience mimicking much of the rest of what we call "life" otherwise NFW. :rockin:

You want that sort of stuff making its way into OUR sport and onto our field for sake of "entertainment" value and "personality" and "sense of humour" -- just go back to the screaming kids, the nags, tuition and/or the diapers as they will all be there for you anyway. :lol:

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Perhaps Cleo Lemon gets a little more protection?

So far I'm not sure if I want Cleo Lemon to return as quarterback or for him to be waived next season...

He has played good when everyone else is playing good, but he doesn't have that star quarterback quality to play decent even if his team is struggling.

Sometimes he takes wayyy too long to make up his mind.

I'd like to see, as would every CFL fan I believe, Danny Brannagan make his way off the practice roster and into the second or even third string QB role on the argos.

I would love to see Danny make the team as well. Lemon is Average, I would like to see an improvement from the QB position. the problem is who is available that is better? Lemon really was the best option Barker had in the off season. I hope Dalton Bell could improve and maybe win the job. Well see what's available next season. This team is has improved a lot in one season. They need to continue to fill holes. Boyd, Owens, Copeland were great pick ups. I would like to see the right side of the o-line upgraded. Another big receiver as well.


As commented at length above for sake of Cleo Lemon along with the tape of the last game hosting Montreal for sake of the first 3 quarters of play until its last play, if Barker et al can make some serious mental adjustments in the offseason for sake of some really really dumb plays he has made for no reason anyone understands yet, you Argo fans are better off with what you have than rolling the dice on someone new yet again.

Otherwise we might have to wonder sadly if he has some personal or medical matters that are ailing him badly upstairs.

Would you still trade him at this point; considering it is the end of a season and he hasn't improved on decision making, etc.

Definitely in Lemon's defence for anything but his brainfarts, amidst all the Lemon haters, I wanted to get this one posted in an Argos forum as well. Is he even a good CFL quarterback now? No! Can he be a solid CFL quarterback? Yes! Most of the battle for him seems to be upstairs and not with physical shortcomings as evidenced by most backup QBs and unstable starters up there.

The mental mistakes can be corrected more than likely I would think. The fundamentals are either there by a player's late 20s or they are not, and Lemon clearly has solid tools for Barker's offence.

I'll provide here some more video evidence to back up the indirect NFL experience of Lemon, notwithstanding his noxious brainfarts, well over the alternative of just rolling with any given regular inexperienced rookie.

Consider this familar-looking formation to any serious CFL fan as evidenced in this NFL game:

[url=] ... #tab:watch[/url]

At 2:12 check out the formation and execution of the screen pass with the bunch receiver formation off tackle left instead of a tight end, and it should remind you of such a play as you had seen regularly in the last season from the Stamps, Argos, and/or Riders for the most part. The formation works largely as well only if the teams have deep threats as do in fact the Packers more than one with an excellent receiving corps just as they have in Calgary and in Saskatchewan.

Would I take Burris over Lemon? Of course! Would I take Durant over Lemon? Give Lemon a similar receiving corps as has Durant amongst the finest, and I'll say right now no thinking that Lemon will overcome his mental shortcomings.

Lemon haters take note here especially, as in such a case NFL experience for a CFL QB executing such an offense would in fact pay-off. With such NFL experience with Barker's system around Lemon, he is way better in fundamentals otherwise than a true rookie or otherwise heavily inexperienced CFL QB.

You go with the true rookie and/or inexperience and in most cases you are really, really rolling some dice loaded against you as they saw clearly in Montreal with Chris Leak. Or the Vikings with no choice but to go with Joe Webb last night. :roll:

Now get Lemon some other playmakers on offense besides Boyd please.

Lemon just needs a coach who can focus on his strengths and address his weaknesses. The guys isn't exactly a vet yet either; just give 'em some time!

What, he is 31 years old and way past his prime.

Uh, so some said about how many other quarterbacks playing until much older, yet of course also with their voices so long forgotten? Geez give him another year then decide.

The future sure as hell is not with another rookie and especially any given one without pro football experience or sucky-butt Chris Leak, and damn if Lemon gets any credit at all (albeit sure not that much, but geez SOMETHING) for being on a team to win a playoff game ever in Toronto. :roll:

Can't sugarcoat the fact he was horrible and his stats last year for a starter were dead last.
The Argo fans will not put up with another year like last from the most important position on a football team.

ArgoT, I have to hand it to you -- resuscitating a dead thread after 33 days simply to take another shot at your favourite whipping boy.

I look forward to watching Lemon compete for the starters job in 2011. I expect an improvement in his 2'nd year. Pretty near any american quarterback needs time to get comfortable with the CFL game. As for his age of 31, thats far from past his prime. I'll trust coach Barkers decisions any day over Argot's and if coach Barker likes Lemon as his starter then I'm on board with that!

cleo lemon is the most boring quarterback ive seen play football, argonaut fans, i will tell you this now, Cleo Lemon is not the answer, you guys won inspite of him, not because of him, he is 31 years old, why would a football team try and develop a 31 year old quarterback?

i suggest they give Danny Branagan an oppurtunity, loved him with Queens

and it would be nice to see a born and bred Canadian lead a team in the CFL, even if it is for the blue team :expressionless:

I think the Argos would be better off just going with Bell, Grothe and Brannagan as their three QB’s this year and let them develop.
Lemon isn’t going to get any better and will probably be worse now that other teams have had a chance to go over his play with a fine toothed comb all winter. NFL trained guys just never seem to be able to adjust to the CFL. You’ve got to get them early. Either right out of College or with just a couple of NFL training camps and then develop them for a couple of years in the CFL system.

Should Lemon be removed from the equation and the Argos not even make the playoffs with a new QB this season, many of the same people who had very low expectations for Lemon and the Argos last season, as did about anyone honest, will decry the new guy again because after only one season he just was not good enough. :roll:

Or alternatively, as I have seen in some of these comments, mostly because the new guy was not from the NFL and not for the reasons they state, they'll chime in with something like "well it's going to take awhile to develop that young QB you know but I think we are on the right track (sucking big time!) ..." :roll:

And that's the same crowd of the like who will defend a guy like Chris Leak after his woeful performance in Montreal last season and whom no one wants now.

It's just a no-win hind-sighting Monday morning QB situation with that crowd. :thdn:

Now if Lemon sucks after a few games, okay then they have a point, but damn!

Otherwise Lemon just not making bonehead mistakes in Barker's solid system would never do good enough for them should the Argos again make the playoffs, let alone win a playoff game as the underdog, despite largely lower expectations otherwise.