Clement ditched?

According to Drew Edwards, it looks like Clement left the team. It could be a release or a ditch.

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Maybe he was surprised to learn that he wasn't guaranteed the starter's role.

Chris Leak V2.0?

Honestly, what chance did this guy really have a being on the roster? I saw him more as a PR player.

I don't even want to speculate on why he would have made the choice to leave the team.

If the Cats cut him, maybe they saw something they didnt' like or maybe they want to give him a chance to catch on somewhere else or it could have been personal reasons.

I highly doubt it was a ditch. Not this early. Unless he was a total headcase and caused major trouble, I just don't see them cutting him this early.

Maybe it was a personal issue. I don't like to assume that someone is a prima donna. Maybe he had to leave for reasons we don't know about.

Why are you comparing him to Leak? Leak never ditched.. he was sent packing.

That was a quick cut to the Chase.

Sorry. Couldn't hold it in any longer.

I'm pretty sure Leak left. Then the Ti-Cats released him.

Leak ditched

Most fans who attended yesterday's practices seemed to think that, despite throwing the first INT of TC, Clement was playing well. I can't see the coaches cutting him after just one day of camp, especially with his college pedigree. Maybe his heart isn't in it?

Some times you just see the writing on the wall. :frowning:

It's posted by the Ticats "coach Marcel said he left because of business interests". :wink:

Oh much for the nice build-up on the guy! :roll:

Ditched. Good thing we were going to cut a QB anways, this just makes the decision easier. If we actually needed him, he'd be really hated in Tigertown right about now.

Agreed Cheese, but it still sucks. They kid was pretty good from what i saw yesterday. Kinda dumb to show up for one day then splitsville. Guess he expected to get the top spot just for showing up :s

Here's the explanation from the Clement camp:

[url=] ... -Cats-Camp[/url]
"He did not feel that the Candian style of football was something that he could be passionate about.
I liked the "business interests" explanation better. I have already put up a top ten list of Chase's alleged business interests on my blog...
8) Funny that in that article there is no mention about Clement leaving Hamilton for business interests !! So why does Marcel come up with that excuse as the reason why Chase left the team ??? Why can't these people tell the truth for a change !!!
  The real reason that he left was obviously he felt that this was a "bush league" league, and he didn't want to waste his time up here for any more than one day  !!!

   Thank goodness he made his decision now, instead of a couple of months from now (presuming he made the team).

 Good riddance to him I say  !!!      <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Good riddance is right we don't need someone like him here. Out the door with him.

Not quite true there are no business interests in the Chase explanation - the article mentions a security exam:

[he] has taken security exams

I'm not sure whether this is police, security guards, or security systems. But it is a potential business interest. :expressionless:

He clearly left Marcel and co. in an embarrassing position.

Of course, the author of the piece still proclaims the expectation the NFL will come after him. It seems the Chase Clement personal PR machine has built up his ego well beyond the market demand. :twisted:

Chase Clement didn't like motion on offence? Like he never saw tapes of CFL games before heading north? NFL interest? Yeah right. It doesn't look good on your resume to leave after one practice. Speaking of resumes, Chase better start working on his because he's now unemployed. I feel bad for Erik Meyer & Josh Betts who both wanted to be here but were released because of this clown.

Thats a very good point Breeze. I totally forgot about those two. Well lets just hope that this episode takes care of our mandatory annual QB Prima Donna drama for this year.

I like that one !

At least he was honest about it and didn't waste people's time, disapointing but it gives a chance to someon else. Also they made him retire so he won't walk on to another roster and make management look like d.... like Leach did last season.