Clearly a late hit.

by Moreno on Burris with no flag. What kind of
fucked up league doesnt protect its stars.

Im not giving up, but the hill just got real

At least our refs are consistent.

I was going to say that but whats the point the game is over and Henry is hurt. No point hashing it out.

It feels real good!!! LOL


You mean the last play that injured Burris (I didn't get to see the Ti-Cat's jersey)? It looked more like a momentum thing to me...

The thing is, that whole series Henry ran with the ball and then slid head first. It's only a matter of time before he gets hurt continuing to do that. It may have been a late hit, I don't know (the TiCat looked like he fell into him). I feel bad for Henry too, but he should learn to slide feet first or out of bounds.

Yah, I saw it and I don't think it was a dirty hit. Burris was going head first all game and sooner or later you're going to get nailed.

That hit though it looked to me like the Ti-cat was trying to use his hands to break his fall so he wouldn't crush Burris, but he ended up putting his hand on Burris' shoulder as he was going down. Looked like an unfortunate accident to me.

It was a good non-call.

Guys he was tripped, and unless Moreno
stumbled, there was no reason for him to come
down on Burris.


Eskylo you are debating with Rider fans that dislike Burris what is your point. Now if you want to laugh go to the tigercat forums they now think they can get in the playoffs. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Looking at the replay a few times, it was not a penalty. Why? He hit the QB after the QB was out of bounds. But was it intentional or unneccesarily rough? No. Rule 7, article 3 part (b), Contacting an opponent out of bounds in an unnecessarily rough manner. Based on the video, there was no intent to contact Burris in an unnecessarily rough manner. It looked more like a stumble. Refs got it right.

Moreno was committed and you can clearly see he did not hit as hard as he could have .He held himself up as he came down on him/. Burris playing like a RB,thst was the problem.

Let's say there had been a flag. First down for Calgary on the two-yard line. Oops, 13 men in the huddle (apparently the Stamps aren't so good at math; never much for that fancy book-learnin') first down on the 12-yard line. But penalty or not, Burris is hurt, so Akili Smith comes in and, true to his nature, throws an interception. The Cats still win.

Burris landed awkwardly on his left shoulder, and that's likely where he injured it. Moreno fell on top of him, clearly attempted to avoid contact, and in fact barely touched him as he hit the ground.

I'm going to leave it at that, because I'd rather not be considered a whiner by listing all those plays where Calgary was guilty of unnecessary roughness, and the officials kept the flags in their pockets and let them play.

Sounds to me like Eskylo is a little bitter about losing... :stuck_out_tongue:

Watch the video. Moreno did stumble just before he went down. You can see his feet catch on the turf when he tries to stop.

I'm 100% certain there was no intention to cause injury on this play. Moreno would have fallen directly on him if that had been the case. He may be 'Zeke and Destroy' when the play is in, but he's a leader and an athlete on his team, not a dirty hitter.

Clearly, Eskylo need not apply to be a CFL ref :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to be honest, I didnt watch the game because I was busy, but I did see the highlights... The one time I saw the hit, I kind of questioned why a flag wasnt thrown. Even if it was throwm, dude would still be hurt.

Moreno clearly lands squarely on Burris's
right shoulder.....without doubt.

I have the game taped!

i agree. Burris ran almost everytime and was comitting to the hits. he got tripped up but by that time moreno was already going down to smoke him. after burris hit the dirt moreno looked to try pull up but was already going down. no dirty play there. eskylo why does it matter so much to you?

I think these new rules are giving a false sense of "safety" to QB's and it has resulted in more injuries.