Clean Whole Kicking Closet

now everyone is on Boreham and wants him out

hard to argue with them

but while Ticats are at it

has anyone bothered to notice that Fleming is by far lowest in league in net punting!

other teams are running his punts (especially low ones) back like trackmeets :frowning: - and did last year when he was at Ottawa - so why should this be a surprise? :oops:

but at least hes Canadian, right? what a consolation!!!

its time for another Ticat punter too

Ticats must rebuild entire kicking game to compete in this years league (and dont have long to do it), even if it takes imports

Kicking falls under special teams and if special teams is 1/3 of the game as is always said by those in the know, why is it that there is only one coach apparantly.

here's the lopsided distribution of coaches according to the football ops list:

Head Coach (1): Greg Marshall

Offense (3): Joe Paopao, Kani Kauahi, Perry Marchese

Defense (4):Kavis Reed, Dennis McPhee, Joe Sardo, Frank Gesztesi

Special Teams(1) Jerome Erdman

So, maybe it's time to offer Bernie Ruoff a full time coaching position to assist Erdman in the kicking end of things......and given Ruoff's lengthy CFL career, I'm sure he could add some great ideas to special teams in general. He seemed to get instant results out of Boreham last year and now that we have two kickers, why now develop a good kicking/coaching/special teams program altogether.

Seems to be the logical way to go instead of throwing the kickers to the wolves with no-one helping them out really (in my opinion).....the talent is there for sure....a structured program with detailed film sessions and specific kicking drills and one-on-one stuff with Ruoff on a daily basis is maybe what's missing?....

Well, that's my offering of a creative idea/solution perhaps..... 8)


I agree with you 100%. The kicking game needs a coach. I don't know what it is, but I don't think that Boreham or Fleming are prepared to be in a game state of mind when they step out onto the field. Maybe their technique needs adjusting. Boreham missing 3 field goals in a game that are within his range is not only pathetic, but shows the weakness in our field goal kicking teams or lack of concentration on Boreham's part. Something has to be done and done soon.


We need to draft a young kicker ,I'm praying one is coming along soon out of university ball....

A coach ?

Bernie coached Boreham last year didn't he?

It's one of those very tough positions ,very tough ....

Mostly mental....

Mikeys analysis is right on

Only thing to add mathwise -

If kicking is 1/3 of game and you have 19 or so import slots (other than QBs), why not invest two of those slots (or 10% of total
import slots) into import kickers & punters? 10% of slots (with huge payoff) invested in greatly improving 1/3 of game - just makes too much sense I guess - other teams are moving toward this method :o - fans are even beginning to realize this too :o - meanwhile Ticats bent on sticking with Canadian kickers and punters - Ticat fans continue to rumble :cry:

Most teams wont look at import K/P becuase that's 1-2 Canadians you have to start somewhere else (if memory serves)

This isnt your daddy's CFL anymore!!!

Jeopardize 1/3 of your game because of ratios when you can commit about 10% of your import slots and be strong in that 1/3 of game?

Teams that accept this and move forward with it (Montreal, Winnipeg, for example) will have an advantage - teams that dont :cry:

Want to count points on the scoreboard or count players for ratios?

Hey maybe we could bring back Hank Ilisic to do our punting he's only inhis mid 40's or so and can probably still out punt in player in the league, while were at it maybe bring back Oz or Ruoff for kicking not coaching offer a $250,000.00 a year contract to the best kicker because even at their age they could still probably out kick Boreham or any other kicker in the CFL?????

O’Mahony was recently cut by the Bombers… might be an idea to give him a shot

There was a reason they called him O'missie out west.