Clean House

Judging by games like the Winnipeg game that had 17 penalties including several facemasks,offsides and on and on it tells me this team has zero discipine.In the recent Edmonton game we had 473 yards against us with one man getting 204 yrds
but this is typical of this bad defense we have had all year.The offence is up and down like yesterday we only had 130 yrds total rushing and 20 of 35 passses completed.Coaches like Marc Trestman and John Hufnagel wouldn't put up with such nonsense so I have to say our head coach is not imposing discipilne,has failed to make basic decisions like throw a challenge flag (that cost us a game) and has weak and disorganized plans for rushing so I can't just blame the DC.George has to wake up because if the same charades continue next year I can only see shortcommings for him.I think this year is finished although please let me know if you think different. :cowboy:

I tend to agree.... i admit my opening tag line ref henry on another blog post was intentionally provocative because as we all acknowledge.. it isn't entirely smilin hank's fault...

if you look at our coaching staff " entirety" you have to shake your heads in dismay...

ironically the only gentleman who has exceeded expectations is Jim Daley who we bleacher bums roundly condemned before the year began as a poor selection because of his track record in coaching in the CFL

so if you are reading this Jim... sincere apologies for not giving you the credit you deserve.. TC.special teams have excelled!

who knows.. maybe you ll coach the ticats very shortly...

oh... I forgot.... the Head C. is tied into a long term contract ...on his insistence I believe--- because he had the head office over a barrel..


I would not clean house becuase of George's contract. I would however, knock him off that throne he calls head coach. If you look at how this season has progressed, the coaching decisions have hurt this team more than the players poor catches and penalties. The coaches are the ones who George keeps on saying " we need to put the players in the best position to win". Well George that's a starteling revelation considering your the guy who decides who will play and who will not play. Just consider the following coaching decisons;

1/ Playing Sam Grigere - Sam is going through the motions. He has shown absolutley nothing. Sit him down.

2/ Refusing to play Hinds over Tisdale. Tisdale is done that's why Edmonton released him.

3/ Fortin over Boudreaux - astounding move. Fortin has no CFL credentials.

4/ Sitting Avon Colobourne - I need not explain.

5/ Refusing to bench Burris instead playing Porter.

6/ Refusing to bench Ray Williams in favour of a linebacker shuffle. Out of all the linebackers on this team, somebody
can play the middle far better than Ray "where's the play Williams".

7/ Sitting Brandon Pugese - incredibly ...... fill in the blanks.

8/ Sitting Dave Stala ?

9/ Refusing to blitz and hoping the front 4 will get pressure. The front four will get pressure if you have the correct player content.

Questionable play decisons:

1/ Refusing to go for 3rd and 1 because Porter got stuffed once this year.

2/ Refusing to throw the challenge flag during the Montreal game - when a long pass was ruled a catch.

3/ Throwing a challenge flag for a 3 yard net gain and loosing your final time out.

4/ Going for 3rd and 1 while in the shootgun formation.

5/ Time management - no huddle offence? Is Hamilton capable of completing 3 plays without a huddle. Is the word
hurry up offence in their vacabulary.

I could continue but the more I put my thoughts on this forum the angrier I'm getting. Does anyone else have any thoughts about Gungle George?

Makes one wonder if Giguere was promised a starting spot (as long as he stays healthy) in return for signing with the Ti-Cats... just sayin'

Ummm...we actually traded for Tisdale & it was with Calgary.

I stand corrected regarding the Tisdale trade. Nonetheless, Tisdale in my opinion is done. When Thompson and Tisdale left Hamilton, Thompson should have been kept.

Agree that it was uber-dumb to trade Thompson for Mann.

this team needs consistency, not another rebuild. George is not going anywhere, and honestly i can't see many of the assistants going either.

Continuity is what builds perennial contenders. we need to stop with the knee-jerk reactions and stop blowing the damn thing up!

Oh yeah, this is 100 % bang on. He just doesn't seem to have his heart in it.

Disagree. When you have a coach who is this dumb and the team is this much in disarray you should blow the whole thing up. Cases in which you don’t blow up the team would be seasons like 2009, 2010 especially, and even 2011.

Cortez contract is as bulletproof as you will find. He didn't quit an NFL position with a team notorious for firing people without a solid contract. I suspect Obilovich will be asked to step down and Creehan will be replaced maybe with Burke or someone with experience running a defense.

Firing Marcel was the wrong thing to do. I thought it then, I still think it now. What's done is done though and Georgey is not going anywhere. On the bright side, he is learning, as are all the assistants.

Alright, there are parts of this post that I have to disagree with, for various reasons.

  1. I will agree Giguere has his ups and downs BUT he is a Canadian receiver and a lot of people forget this is his first year as a starter in professional football. He's young, he's shown a lot of potential and he's a Canadian. Cut the kid some slack, he's going to come around, but benching him isn't going to help his development or his dedication. How quick we forget that awesome one handed grab and the reverses he's been running this season.

  2. Chevon Walker was having a great season start and Avon himself understood that he might not have been 100% walking into the start of the season, because he didn't expect to be playing after Mallet got injured. After Walker cooled down Avon got the start, maybe a little late in the season, but not a bad decision in my eyes. Also as explained several times, having both Avon and Walker out there presents ratio concerns.

  3. Are you kidding me? Quinton Porter is a great one yard or part game QB but do you recall the season he started? Do you recall how many times in the last few years he came in after we pulled Glenn and he threw picks? Burris has bad days and has great days, but having confidence in your QB is something we have been sorely lacking as a franchise and he's still leading the league in passing yards right now and

  4. Bench Rey Williams. You're kidding right? He's 3rd in the league in tackles right now. Him and Jamal Johnson have been stalwart this season.

  5. If you mean last game, Eddie Steele was out with an injury, there is an immediate ratio problem.

and last

  1. Right call, it was a close play and it wasn't just a matter of 3 yards, but to try to knock Edmonton out of their rhythm and give our D a breather which they needed, given how long the challenge lasted, still the right call in my eyes.