CLEAN HOUSE- This team must be dimantled-

Ritchie Hall and DALEY must go-

Ricky RAY is too old now, he doesent have anyting left, his arm is a high school arm and he is shown he doesent have the FIRE LEFT anymore--

Macochis also has to go , he is a joke as a coordinator---

Malveaux, Ellis, Marlbrough, Gordon, Goss all have to go also---

THis team is pathetic and is not even trying on teh field anymore-- The ARGOS are making Riky RAY look like he has never played football in his life--

Somehow the Argos are going to beat this great Edmonton team-- Time to put in Zabranski and see if he can complete more than 2 passes a half and look like he is not 75 like RAY does these days.

Whoa whoa whoa... I agree with most of what you say... but Ricky Ray and Jason Goss need to go? Yeah, uh, NO!!! Why don't we release Stamps, too.

Come on, man. You generally make some insightful comments... don't let your frustration take over.

Goss can`t catch interceptions, he has to go, and he cant cover double moves either--- He is all name---

THE league has figured out RAY, he looks to slow and lackadaiscal back there, he looks like a guy who cant read defenses and is having trouble adapting to the speed of the game--

WHy did Ritchie Hall give PEACH a friendly tap on his helmet after he took a 15 yard roughing penatly---

Memo to RITCHIE- You get what you put out buddy--- Ie You put out shit coaching, you get shit results-

And who would we replace Ricky Ray with? Jason Maas? He looked awesome in Hamilton... :expressionless: Maybe we can toss in Jared Zabransky, a guy who hasn't even been in the league a full season yet. Or maybe we can wait until the off season and see if Winnipeg releases Bishop, or if Toronto releases Joseph, or if B.C. releases Printers. We can continue to recycle the same old QBs because people aren't happy with Ricky Ray, a guy who's single-handidly responsible for a quite a few of Edmonton's wins... and he'd be responsible for a lot more if the defence hadn't buckled like a belt in certain games...

Ricky Ray isn't the problem. Simple as that.

Add Kamau to that list, he is mentally finished, he has the DROPSIES again and at his age now, I dont think you can ever throw to him in a crucial situation--

His drop on 3rd and 1 in 3rd qtr will cost EDMONTON this game---

Not to mention RAY has to learn how to play with the speed of the game-- RAY should have ran for that first down---

Stupid call by HALL to go for it, and then even a more moronic decision to throw a CHALLENGE FLAG on a clearly incomplete pass-

THE UFL is better football than this pathetic brand of football that Edmonton is putting out there---

This is allegedly the worst team in teh CFL in Toronto who was completely stymied the Eskimos tonight---

Strasser also send him to the Edmonton minor football leagues to coach 13 year olds.

JUMP BALLS -- Has the Edmonton DB`s managed to catch just ONE jump ball that the QB throws up for grabs-- either they smash into each other or DROP it every single time--

I would be embarrasses to be a player on this team and many should voluntarily retire- they are really pathetic football players.

Goss just picked off the ball. His third of the season. He'd actually have four if Hall had challenged that pick in the endzone. Still wanna cut him because of one play in this game? :wink:

Get ready FANS-- Its the 4th QTR FANS and lets see if anyone can even try to justify thier CHEQUES on this Defense--



Goss, Malveux do not deserve to go, they are ALRIGHT
Gordon will do better next year i think, hes only played a few games since injury, give him some time
Maybe even put Robinson into the starting lineup, i like the guy, he does only good things when hes out there

Peterson... idk whats up with him... but i like the guy, hes done a lot of good things and some terrible things but thats what happens sometimes...
(Ray on the other hand... hehe)

And to the Zabransky comment of his 1st year...
WHO CARES, the guy was a GREAT NCAA QB, he was even on the cover of NCAA 2007 i beleive, I would love to see him take a few snaps when Ray is struggling (which is always, so maybe we can bench Ray cause hes crap)
Young guys have energy and a need to prove themselves, Zabransky is PERFECT, i guranntee that you ALL would love to watch him play.

I’ll agree Ray is struggling. Struggling with dropped balls, poor route running, awful pass blocking, a useless coaching staff and an awful GM.

If you really don’t believe Ray’s won us games on his own then you and I have vastly differing opinions. Everyone has their own opinion but seriously, who would you like to see as our QB?

Just curious-do you think Strasser is a good OC? Maccioccia a good GM?

I mean this as a topic for discussion, in no way am I trying to offend you or your beliefs.

You know, I honestly don't know what to say to people who think this team would be better without Ricky Ray... :?

Your not offending me, i agree this is just discussion to how everyone would like to see done, my point is…
Ray, is not an elite QB, and id like to see him get pulled for better or for worse.
After this season, i would LOVE a Posistion Battle for QB between Ray, and Zabransky, maybe Maas if there is time
Danny Mac should go die in a hole, i think everyone agrees to that, Same with Lelacher hes an IDIOT, boy if i find him walking on the streets ill tell him a few things…

But myself as a player, and student of football, i have enough knowledge to say, a QB change right now would be even more devastating to this already terrible football team, I want to see Posistion Battles next season, cause Ray dosent have what it takes to be a starter unless he proves to win a posistion battle.

RAY is happy with his money and the FIRE is not there anymore. His release is way too slow and his arm is lacking in strength--

Teams that rush 4 guys and drop 8 in coverage shut down RAY every game now. RAY is a deep ball thrower, when he is connecting deep he is very good, when he cant throw deep, he looks LOST out there--

He has played some good games, but he is pretty much DONE as an ELITE QB in this league--- He takes too many sacks, cant run anymore, has ZERO mobility, he is not the same RAY of 4 years ago---

Teams know his game very well, I think he will get worse for sure, because his arm is so weak and he doesnet seem to be getting smarter and he holds the ball for ever-- He looks confused of late----

Goss was burned so badly and Joseph overthrew SAM on the post route late, Goss was beaten by 15 yards, the book on GOSS is taht he is good SHORT and jumps short routes, but he is completely garbage on any deep balls. He gets beat deep all day long, he doesent know how to do anything---

DALEY-- LMAO at Daley giving defensive signals, we all know DALEY that you know nothing and are a joke, DALEY was decent in the 80's, the game has changed, get rid of coaches like him----

Peterson should be CUT, he drops too many passes and is overrated, he cant catch on 3rd down and is on the Decline also---

PREFOBNTAINE has to go also, he cant punt more than 30 yards, he line drives every punt and relies on 20 yards of bounce after the ball hits the ground--- IF teams were SMART and knew SOMETHING about footballl, they would stand no more htan 30 yards because PREFONTAINE canot kick more than 30 yards anyway--

WHITLOCK- perhaps the FRANCHISE player, this is one player who TRIES and is GREAT Future star in CFl at runningback--

MO LOYD-- He was actually running last game which is shcoking, most players on edmonton dont really do much running----

KEYES-- Does MAcochia recruit dbs that can run with receivers and never turn around??? I mean how could they think this KEYES joker could be a PRO DB-- I am pretty sure Bobby Keyes could not excel in a touch football league-- He never turned around ever for the ball--

Ritchie HALL-- I will give him credit-- It looks like he ripped the team at halftime last game and he called them out saying YUO NEED HEART TO WIN-- good for ritchie and he actually challenged a pLAY although a very ridiculous challenge play---

I think they should trade RAY and go with zabraknsi, they could get some defense for RAY I think----

I love how everyone is acting like Zabransky is going to be the next big thing. Eskimosrock even went so far as to say he was a GREAT QB in college.

The guy was redshirted in his first season, and had a TD-INT ratio of 16-12 and 18-16 in his next two seasons. One season does not a great QB make! This kid played crap teams his entire career. The big highlight of his career is beating Oklahoma in a bowl game. You take away that game, and no one would even know this kid's name.

And yet you guys want to dump an All-Star QB for an unknown... I think I'd rather stick with our All-Star QB. The guy who's second in passing yards, tied for second in TDs, and is behind only AC for fewest picks thrown among QBs who have started all season. Ricky Ray is averaging 8.2 yards/attempt. Only AC has a better average at 8.3. Henry Burris is averaging the same as Ray, 8.2, and Darian Durant is averaging 8.0. So Ray is right up there with every other QB. The guy has the second best passer rating in the league right now. The guy has been finding Fred Stamps for long bombs all friggin season.

And you guys want to give up on him... boggles my mind!

Have you guys ever stopped to think that maybe part of the problem is the offensive coordinator? We haven't exactly had great coordinators over the last few years.

Is it possible that part of the problem lies with the receivers? Aside from Stamps, who do we have? Kamau Peterson is having an off season, so he's out, and aside from that TD catch when Omarr Morgan completely screwed up, Maurice Mann hasn't done much. He's not a Ken-Yon Rambo, or a Paris Jackson. And after that, who do we have? Jamaica Rector? Watch out!!!

I still maintain that this team has a decent offence, but let's be real, guys, we're not stacked like Calgary was, or Montreal is, and we don't have the talented Canadian group that the Riders have. This receiving corps is not what it used to be. We no longer have Jason Tucker and kelly Campbell. If we still had those guys, it wouldn't matter how bad the defence played because we'd be able to steam roll over teams. But sadly, that's just not the case.

And let's be honest, you can't blame Ray for all 8 of our losses. The loss against Montreal falls on Whitlock (the supposed Franchise Player) and the defence. The second losses to Calgary and B.C. fall on the defence. Ray put together game-winning drives in both of those games, but the defence ****ed it up. Those should've been wins for Ray.

But something tells me this entire post will just fall on deaf ears because for some reason when this team fails, it's Ray's fault... :roll:

There is alot of truth to the statement “Some people are only happy when they complain”.
This team all year has been underperforming, period. At times the special teams looked great, but at other times they look horrible. At times, the offense looks great, but we all have seen them play like sht. And the defense, yes even the defense, has look pretty good in recent games, but mostly played like a bunch of scared chicken shts.

You want to cut Ray because he can’t throw the deep ball, but then you say he can only throw the deep ball. He can’t run, which is true, and takes too many sacks, but Edmonton has only given up 25 sacks this year. Montreal, which leads the league has given up 24 sacks. Goss, who cant cover anybody deep, has been the bright spot in the secondary. Both Calgary and Sask DB’s looked pretty bad to me yesterday. The defense, well as of late, they have played well enough to win some games recently. Against T.O., they gave up 3 FG’s in first half, one after the offense threw a pick on the opening drive. They forced them to punt the ball 5 straight times, but our offense was unable to do anything with it.

Against B.C., in the second half after the initial drive by B.C., the defense did force B.C. to punt 5 out of 6 times with 1 INT. So 6 straight times they got the ball back for the offense and the offense just didnt have the killer instinct to put this game out of reach. Giving the ball back to B.C. Yes, I know the last play of the game was the worst play in the history of blunders, but the game should not of ever came to that. It should of been over with all the opportunities the offense had.

Winnipeg, offensively and special teams the Eskimos sucked, dont blame defense for that one. And against Sask at home, OMG, offensively Edmonton had 10 first downs, and gave up 5 sacks. Defense had 3 ints and 1 for a TD. As much as you HATE every defensive player out there, the fact of the matter is, Defense played well enough to win the last 4 games, PERIOD! This is not an individuals game, it is not an offensive game or a defensive game, it is a team game. TEAM GAME!! Not one part is good enough to over come any poor performance by any part, def, off, or special teams. This team is capable of winning against anyone if they play like a team.

I am pulling for them to get into the playoffs. I am an Eskimo fan and at times, I am a very frustrated fan, but none the less, I will support them and whoever they put on the field. GO ESKS!!! Some of us are pulling for you… :rockin:

FYI : Strasser is the coordinatior. Just thought I throw that out there for you.

Get rid of Malveaux, Marlbrough, Gordon, Goss??? Hmmm.... who would they play at Safety??????? Corner?????? Halfback?????? Sounds real smart!!!!!

Get rid of Ellis?? He actually has been in the QB's face alot here recently.

How bout this: Lets put Robinson out there all by himself and let him play against all 12 of the other teams offensive players and see how well he does???? Oh, that would not be fair.

Question for you: Who is your favorite CFL Team??? We all know it is not the Eskimos and we all know who your favorite player is, but please tell us who your CFL Team is.

Eskimos for life!!!!!! Go Esks!!!!! :rockin:

LOL, well put Esks, well put !!

hahahahhahahahahahhahahaha, that brought a huge smile to my face!

Anyways, to the Eskimos... i didnt see much of the game, but congrats on winning it...
I saw the 1st drive of the game and good old Ricky Ray threw an INT so i went on doing something else lmao.
Ah well.. Defense had a pretty damn good game though
Honestly, if you look at our defense, you know they have played pretty terrible this season, but im sure everyone including myself knows this... Its a lack of chemistry, you could get the 6 best DB's in the CFL on one team, i gurantee if they didnt have any chemistry, theyd look like a bunch of 3 year old autistics trying to hump doorknobs...
My point being, IF Edmonton keeps the reletively same Defense for next season, they will PROBABLY look more like a great Defense, and they will blend together... Im not going to deny it, ive given the Defense a hard time this season, but Chemistry is a VERY important part of a Defense, especially if your playing the Defensive Back posistion.

Darian Durant... 18 INT
Henry Burris... 15 INT
Kerry Joseph... 15 INT
Michael Bishop... 13 INT
Buck Pierce... 11 INT
Ricky Ray... 11 INT

Hmm. Interesting.

Even more interesting... Ray has a TD-INT ratio of 9-3 in his last seven games.

well thats like 1.whatever touchdowns pure game I wouldn't jump up and down you might bang your head :oops: