Clean breaks

'Clean breaks' are good news

Greg Harder, The Leader-Post
Published: Tuesday, July 08, 2008

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[Leon] Mitchell and [D.J.] Flick

both underwent surgery on Sunday morning in Regina

and are destined for the nine-game injured list.

According to Flick, the doctors
told him he'll miss 8-10 weeks,

a prognosis that wasn't disputed
by head coach Ken Miller.

"Based on the information we have now,
that sounds realistic," said Miller.

"Based on the information (Saturday)

I would have said it was really an extreme longshot.

He has a broken fibula, they put a screw in

and the doctors say

normal recovery time would be 10 or 11 weeks
so he should be back at the end of the season."

Hey don’t talk about other team’s injuries… you might get yelled at :slight_smile:

I can take it, Crash.

Capitol letters don't scare me.


We do play the Riders 17.