Claybrooks signs, Randy holding out

Claybrooks signed a new contract today. I was a little suprised since he had to sit a couple games because of ratio. Hopefully huff learned to have one or two more canadians on the active roster, or even starting roster. He will continue to be a force. But why in earth is Randy chevrier holding out? Where you going to go? You have a job on radio here. Your career as on it’s last leg. No other team will have Randy playing tight end an catching Tds.

Also anderson is yet to sign. If he goes we will need a lot of help on the corner. Maybe bring Carrol back in.

Question: How could the stamps allow the top O-Line guy leave. And a candian to boot.
Completely puzzling to me. Surely it can’t be about money alone.
If the reports are true that Archibald is getting $140 -were the Stamps that far behind?
To have the top guy in the league to leave on a line that is reconstructing is baffling. Unless it was thought he had a fluke year.
But a Canadian linemen who can play like that is worth more than any import outside of a QB in my mind. What gives.I mean did they think they should only pay 70,000 or similar amount. I doubt that so there was what …a $20,000 difference? Puzzling.

EDIT…Sorry…this has nothing to do with this thread. Meant to start a new one.

Archibald is an import.


Ya…gotcha… on the BC side. terrible mistake on my part. apologies. changes things a bit.

archibalds replacement, harris, is hurt for training camp. so now we need to replace the replacement. but hopefully only for a bit.