Claude Rochon leaves Alouettes

Vice-President of marketing and communications Claude Rochon is leaving the Als. A planned move, or new President Lalonde making his changes? So far, I’ve only found one newsite/newspaper who mention it:

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I’ve also found this interesting article on CKAC (sorry for our english friends, the article is only in french):

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It seems the Als finances are much worse than originally thought.

Confirms my feeling that it was well past time for Smith to leave. Wetenhall seems to have realized that he's been had.

cheap shot!!

yes always stating the worse of any situation!!

I am not stating that. I am repeating what the journalist has reported. At least read the article before talking out of your backside...

Thanks for posting this Gabe.

It makes you wonder though why Mr. Wetenhall let things get so out of control. Were there not quarterly or at least annual meetings?

The good news is at least football operations have not been cut back on. The team was allowed to go to Orlando for the mini-camp (not all CFL teams did this), and they held their usual 4 U.S. tryout camps.

We will see how the infamous practice field site is handled.

yes…I have a difficult time believing this was not monitored. I have to surmise that part of this story was a certain amount of spin to create a solid reason for the shakeup. Interestingly, actual figures were not mentioned. I don’t live in Quebec -is this CKAC site generally credible?
I mentioned awhile back that I smell trouble brewing in Montreal. The last thing we need is a flagship franchise hanging only through the financing of an aging American billionaire. One would expect this team should be on safe ground regardless of ownership. But a small stadium, very little local coverage and an all american, absentee power structure at the top makes me wonder.
Not creating a doomsday here, I love the team and the CFL. Just smell trouble.

until mr. robert wetenhall or a high ranking als official comments I HAVE EVERYTHING ON HOLD UNTIL EACH POINT IS ADDRESSED PUBLICLY!!

Als and gabe…maybe you two boys should take your personal haterd to one another to the PM function. not really serving anyone else well here.

My thoughts exactly Flag. . . this two boy vendetta is hijacking every thread, and is very tiresome.

Gaberino of La Mancha and als rule: Read your private messages.

I am not at all surprised by this. Let's hope Mr. Wettenhaul decides to keep the team. What a mess.

Frankly I have wondered over the years re how can this football team be financially stable with a seating capacity of only 20,000 fans that is hat is before last years addition of 5000 seats)? Every other team has had more seats. I would guess that the team owner loses money on this team.

Nope, the Als had a huge base of corporate sponsorship. At one point it was the highest in the league. They have to see value and obviously they were not. The team has never been this invisible in the media, promotion is weak, so what were they buying ??? This team has done a PISS POOR job of connecting with fans and media.

As far as the owner being at fault. When your paying Smith 500 000.00 a year and everyone is getting paid premium dollars, you expect them to manage your business or to come clean and WALK...

Now Lalonde has to go back to the same companies and beg... Not easy going around a second time. Everyting hinges on his connections...

HFxTC: From my reading of all the posts I have to come to the conclusion that the team is now losing money and, the suggestion made labels Smith as the prime reason. $500 000 seems like a lot of money to me. Wow! My first response is to wonder what the coach gets in salary? The owner has to have real big pockets to keep this team from sinking. I found it interesting to read the french material as, The Gazette in the sole newspaper I read with respect to our team and, I guess I miss the office politics of the team management as The Gazette has not reported this area of conflict. I too have wondered about corporate sponsors as I gather the expensive " corporate boxes " have been empty. We have a superlative football team and, I do hope the management will get their act together, and the team quality will continue to thrive.

If this is indeed a dilemma for the Als, it is certainly not unknown in the CFL. While the CFL is a great football product, its marketing, management, promotion, and sponsorihip have often left something to be desired.

I have posted about this on a number of occasions in the past, but football is fighting for its place in the hearts of fans in this country. Ottawa was supposed to make a comeback into the CFL - where are they? Several cities with 50,000+ stadia regularly do not sell out - why not?

For the last decade, the Montreal Alouettes have been a success story - but on a small scale; not small in the hearts of their fans or their very enviable record, but small in terms of a venue, market share, salaries...etc. Montreal has already known periods without professional football in this city. Let's hope the braintrust of this organization can get its act together and not have this situation overhshadow the 2011 season.

I could be wrong but I thought trestman was on a p/services contract with mr. wetenhall>

I would be surprised if the als brainthrust doesn't have it's act in gear!! is it fact or fiction? so far fiction I think. sour grapes by rochon due to losing power struggle with ray lalonde?!!!!

is it really? or sour grapes and finger pointing? fiction I think as of right now!!