Classy tribute to Forzani!

One of my favourite moments of todays game was when Hufnagel accepted the Cup wearing Forzani's #54! :cowboy: :thup:

Classy, very classy.

...caught me off guard as well, a very nice tribute...

Definitely a highlight. Huff showed a lot of class with this win. Congrats to the entire Calgary organization. :thup:

That was VERY cool.

I wonder if Chris Jones would ever do something like that?

Ignore the troll!

why would an Edmonton coach accept the trophy wearing Forzani's Calgary jersey???

I was thinking that Chris Jones would NEVER do something that classy and respectful!

Suck it up cfleskfan.
This is what Jones has people thinking about him.

Using a thread about a class act by someone on an opposing team to seguay into an attack on someone totally removed from the conversation is plain and simple trolling! Don't like being called a troll, don't troll!

I wonder if Bungle and TDB are the same guy, they both are miserable and their sole purpose to come to the Forum is to antagonize posters.


Agreed. Very classy move by Hufnagel and the Calgary organization wearing the Forzani jersey and mentioning him in Huff's post game comments. Very classy indeed! :rockin: 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

CFL Forever!!