classy move...

It goes to show some people still have their priorities right.

Bob McLean (i forget his actual position, but he's a higher up in the Esks organization) won one of the early bird draws for the bomber lotto, and donated his $1,000 right back to the Never Alone foundation, which supports Cancer Care Manitoba.

Good on you :thup: :smiley: :rockin:

moron, another cheque gone down the black hole of cancer.

so many people give money for cancer treatment, and it just goes down the blackhole, no breakthroughs or nothing, people are still dieing and everyone is making money off cancer, and all the donations people give never go anywhere

my foster mother has survived and so far beaten breast cancer thanks to money given for cancer treatment and research, so stuff your ignorant comments you know where.

lol my grandfather died of pancratic cancer,

so i know cancer, cancer is a disease that makes money for pharmacies,doctors,people to work at cancer centers, its a billion doller business


and I just told you someone did. Clean out yer ear, ehh

research didnt save your mom,

it was her heart, desire to live. and a bit of luck, it has nothign to do with the gong show called cancer treatment centres

ok someone lives..

most people die. the docters pharmacys, dont give a rats ass about your foster mom, or my grandfather, they only care if they make money.

Everyone dies. I'm going to die, and so will you. In fact, everyone you've ever met will eventually die. The only question is how and when.

In the 1970s, those who were diagnosed with cancer were pretty much guaranteed that they would die of cancer. A 40-year-old receiving that news would be all but assured that they would not die of old age. Thanks to research and treatments that were developed in the past 30 years, that's no longer the case.

The cancer survival rate is much, much higher now than it has ever been before. I've known people who have died of the disease, and I also know people who have lived with it. A guy I know who was diagnosed at twenty is now in his mid-40s. Tell him, his father, his brother, the wife he never would have met, and the children he never would have had, that the treatment he received was a waste.

Yes, people still die of cancer, but that doesn't mean the money spent on it is a waste. It means the research has to continue, and more money has to be poured into it.

Yes a lot of people die from cancer amongst other things. Having said that, a lot of people are cancer survivors, including my father, and without research and foundations out there, they too would be dead, rather than surviving cancer. so keep your jacka.s.s. ignorant comments to yourself and go back to living in you're pathetic little paradigm you call a life.

I am gooing to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you may have had a loss to cancer....the fact is the treatments and detection are getting better and better and many lives are saved that would not have been years ago this largely due to fund raising efforts.

Iam sorry for your loss .... I quoted your earlier post suspecting that was the case. I have had my share of experience with cancer and it is a cruel disease. I lost my best friend and saw my girlfriend cured .... the treatment and care was the absolute best.

Man, my mom died of cancer almost 4 years ago when i was twelve; she was 43. What are people supposed to do? Just hope, thats all we can do. Donating money might help find a cure for some cancers. Gotta try. Thats the only way people may beat it.

Raw, You are a complete ass for what you just said in your previous posts. I mean, i know you really enjoy being an ass on here, you have said so yourself. But saying something like that is crossing the line if you are just being an ass, and if you are not being an ass - if you are just being yourself, Then you need to smarten up.

That was a classy move, never alone foundation is something special. Good for Bob Maclean…

Because of the money donated for research and the breakthroughs cancer research has brought, being diagnosed is no longer a death sentence, like it was 50 years, 100 years ago. Yes people still die of cancer but each research dollar spent and each research hour done the probability of dying will go down.

Well said jman...I too lost my Mom this year. All you can do is hope and keep working towards making it better for those to come. I think it's great to see Maclean contribute to the cause rather than sit on the sidelines and b*&^h and moan that nothing ever gets better.

I can only feel sorry for you.

You know, Rawnotsorookierickyray is a real ass...

I lost my dad to it too, thankfully, he lived long enough to have a couple of years with his first grandson, and was able to hold his first granddaughter before he died. Today, my son is 16 and barely remembers Opa. My 14 yr old daughter only knows him from photos and what my wife & I tell her.

right on hank....this guy has his priorities straight....and his donation is something to be admired....EVERYTHING that's donated is greatly appreciated to beat this ugly disease...THANKS BOB MACLEAN :thup: