Classy Move

Now that it's obvious that Joe Montford's career is over, I think it would be a classy move for the Tiger Cats to sign him to a one-game contract, and let him retire as a Cat at our final game of this season. The fans would have a chance to honour him for one last time. Of course, if Joe doesn't feel his career is over, this wouldn't work out.

I like the Idea..

I think he still has game in him and I think he would perform admirably when back in a Ticat uniform!

I would have loved to see him play these 2 games as a Ticat against Edmonton! :wink:

Oh well! :expressionless:

Problem is...Joe still thinks he can play.

Sadly...he can't.

I agree about the difference of opinions about whether he can still play. Maybe the Tiger Cats would have to wait until next season, when he has failed to catch on with any team in the CFL, then sign him to a one-gamer.

didnt montreal do this with pringle last year?