Classy Move By Wally

I figured that Wally had given the guys a good pep talk before the game Friday and threw in Bob's name for motivation, resulting in them coming out and working extra hard in his honor.

But no, I was completely wrong - Wally didn't mention Bob's name at all, out of respect for him. According to the Province, he didn't want to demean Bob by using him as a cheap, motivational ploy. That he was worth more than that.

I admire the decision he made here.

I also admired his decision. But did the boys come out and kick ass or what?! What a great tribute to Bob, and one of their best performances in a long time. I was so frickin proud.

The master at work:

[url=] ... #clip66210[/url]

Just a fantastic clip.

Good stuff, thanks for posting that Miles.

The team sure needed a convincing win like that to start having some "fun"....I've always found that that's key with them - when they're loose and enjoying things, it carries over into the game.

I wouldnt expect anything less from Wally.

A friend said in an interview that it would be an honnor to present a Grey cup ring to the Akles family at the end of the season! anyone else hear about this

I didn't hear that, but if the ring says 2008 Grey Cup Champions, of course I'm all for that!

Great clip you posted Miles.Thanks for sharing that.

Yeah Miles, I've never seen into the locker room after a game. That was awesome! What a great clip! Thanks so much.

so all of you that I've read so far call him a scumbag or worst I really don't see how this man deserves this title? If in fact he was! he would have used Bob and his family to better himself and the team! sorry don't see it! If I had to make a call from what I see right now I'd say those who hate him are scared of him or see him as a threat to thier organization! relax! If the Lions deserve it! they will honestly Win it! If not well...... someone else deserves it! good luck for whatever your team is!

Post-game lockerroom July 18:

[url=] ... #clip67798[/url]

Please explain.

Translation: I'm talking about 2 threads last week were Wally was bashed! Despite the lose of B.A Wally could have milked more emotions/sympathy in favour of the Lions. I honestly think as a head coach he handled things as best he could under the circumstances! I also believe when someone has success no matter what field or job or talent there will always be someone there to make a negative comment. Most people are happy for others and there achievements. People who are not happy with themselves tend to pick apart those who have success! instead of low balling a coach or players, let the team in the CFL that plays the best deserve the rewards! Right now The Riders are the best & that may change, in other words let's see some good football and may the best team win! and stop with the cheap shots on people!

Thanks for the clarification. Sorry I missed those two threads, we were all having a bit of a problem last week with some other threads. Anyway, I have to agree with everything you are saying.