Classy move by a Lion IMO

Besides enjoying a great game by the TiCats, I enjoyed a pre-game incident I witnessed in the west end zone.

My brother-in-law and I were standing along the barrier in the west end zone watching the Lions as they warmed up. As it ended and most of the team started heading toward their dressing room, middle linebacker Javier Glatt (#6) casually ran towards us.

We weren't razzing him or the team so we knew he wasn't after us so I thought that perhaps he knew the people standing next to us, but apparently he did not .

He just ran up, handed his playing gloves to a young boy (8-10 years old?) and then turned to run back to the B.C. locker room.

The boy looked surprised and kept looking up to who I assume was his father and back to his new gloves (looked at gloves, father, gloves, father).

The "father" and his friend were quite pleased and amused at Glatt's gesture and the boy finally smiled, realizing he just scored a pro football souvenir.

IMO, pretty classy of Glatt.

Though I'm still glad his team lost :slight_smile:

Great story and a classy move indeed by Glatt.

I remember a game in 94 when the Shreveport Pirates were playing in Hamilton. Derek Greir was a CB at the time for the Cats and intercepted a pass late in the game. He ran over and gave the ball to a little girl sitting in the front row with her dad. The look on her face was pure joy. I will always remember that.

When you're a kid pro athletes seem like super heros so its an amazing thing when one gives them something or touches their life is some special way.

I've always liked Glatt as a player, so this is great to hear. Class act indeed!

Oski Wee Wee,

Along the same line, the Lion players were "high fiving" the lads from the Woodstock football teams as they left the field after halftime. I thought that was a wonderful jesture. The smiles on the faces of the little guys was awesome. To bad they had all cleared the field by the time the Cats came out for I am sure they would have done the same.

Is this to makeup for his tackle against Rambo?

If I was that kid,I would have been in 7th heaven, nice of Glatt to do this, another small piece in the "why the CFL is great".

8) Just possible that that gesture by Glatt, has created another lifelong CFL fan also !!!

It's another one of those non-football intangibles that make the CFL so great. Hats of to Glatt.

An Argo-Cat fan