Classy Interview

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Pure class by Bryan Hall, wishing the best for Montreal to keep it in the east.

It demonstrates his understanding and appreciation of the league and it’s traditions. To me that shows a next level love of football and playing the game.

Bryan Hall #72 :slight_smile: I absolutely fell in love with this guy from day 1. The guy is a Beast with an amazing work ethic and a non stop motor revving on overdrive all game long. With him and Laurent in at tackle it's like having two tanks out there clogging up the middle,two immoveable objects and with Gaydosh and Atkinson rounding out the rotation in the interior between the 4 of them you are looking at 1,215 lbs of pure strength and power. No doubt that Hall is a real find this season and a definite keeper,let's hope that he's a Cat for a very long time,pure class and IMO a purrrfect fit for this organization moving forward as Austin continues to rebuild this team with youth and enthusiasm. :smiley:

Bryan Hall could pull off the Daily Double if the Cats go on to win the Cup this year. He would join an elite group as a winner of a Super Bowl ring (2012 Baltimore Ravens) and also a Grey Cup ring. :smiley: :rockin: Here is the list of the players who have won both a Super Bowl and a Grey Cup in their careers.
Brandon Browner-2008 Calgary/2013 Seattle
OJ Brigance-1995-Baltimore/2001-Baltimore(only player to win both championships in the same city with two different teams)
Harold Hasselbach-1992-Calgary/1997-Denver
Tyrone Williams-1996-Toronto/1992,1993-Dallas
Alvin Washington-1995-Baltimore/1987,1991-Washington
Bobby Singh-2006-BC/1999-St.Louis

Here is a pic of the Super Bowl Ravens from 2012,Bryan is front and center wearing #95. :smiley:

Just as an interesting side note to my previous post about the exclusive Super Bowl/Grey Cup Winners club,I found this interesting article about the only man who ever played in a Super Bowl and also a Grey Cup in the same year. Believe it or not it was Ex-Cat Smokey Stover who played on the losing end of Super Bowl 1 with the Kansas City Chiefs and then went on to win the Grey Cup in the same calendar year(1967)as a member of the Ti-Cats. That "67" Cat team is considered the best Defensive team in league history and Stover was a major reason why.So for those interested I've posted the link to the story of the only man to ever play in both Championships in the same year,Smokey Stover.... :smiley: Enjoy !!!! :cowboy:

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Funny video of Bryan Hall and Simoni Lawrence playing Jenga…two of the funnier Cats this season,Lawrence already a fan favourite and Hall fast becoming one as well. Enjoy !!! Why do you put it on top ? cause Jenga means on top,it’s Polish :lol:

Man crush

LOL!!!! :smiley: Well to quote Jerry Seinfeld :lol: :cowboy: :smiley: