Classy Argos

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The Argo organization refused to allow the Montreal Alouette cheerleaders into Rogers Centre without paying for tickets last weekend.

And even with a paid ticket, they weren't allowed on the field or the sidelines to perform.

Get out, seriously?

That so figures
We ran into the same problem when I cheered, and they did to us in Ottawa too.
Looks like Hamilton is the only team with class.

Man the's bad...

It's funny because if there's anything in ample supply at SkyDome, it's space on the sidelines. They've got a good 10-20 yards to fill, compared to a few feet at Ivor Wynne. Maybe they like the look of emptiness on the sidelines to match the upper deck of the stadium.

They weren't allowed on because Montreal cheerleaders are far more attractive than the argo cheerleaders...
typical class!

Agreed The Montreal Women are Prettiest in the CFL

Unbelieveable! The Toronto organization is definitely showing no class.
ExPat is quite right in suggesting that there is always more then ample room at the Rogers Centre to accomodate any group of cheerleaders. These girls should always be allowed through CFL gates at "no charge".

They add a lot to the games and should be a welcome addition anywhere.

I don't agree that Montreal's cheerleaders are prettier than Toronto's, but I do think our girls have them all beat.

Good post, ExPat!

Didn't this happen with the Ticat Cheerleaders too? I remember seeing them at a game where they just danced on the sidelines but didn't do a dance on the field.

And then for the Labour Day game the Argo Girls were there too but did not dance. I used to love the whole rivalry that happened with the players and a good way.

Why all this change? Is there someone new handling the cheerleaders or their department?

But really, what else is new?

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While it would have been a much better decision to let them in, I don’t think it shows a level of no class. It was just a bad decision. This labelling of no class just comes with the territory of this hatred fans have.

When have visiting cheerleaders gone to the opposing team’s staidum to cheer during the regular season anyways? Is this a normal thing? If it is, then it’s a bade decision that’ll bring about bad karma. If not though, then it’s a 50/50 perspective thing.

I actually feel that allowing the opposition cheerleaders on the field as the Ticats do is offensive. When the Argos start cheering for us at the Rogers Centre and run our ads during the game day presentation then I'll change my view. We have to put up with all the advertising nonsense for the financial welfare of the club but the Argos cheerleaders do nothing for us. Let them pay like any othe Argo fan. I have no problem with the Toronto policy, in fact I advocate we adopt it.

Wow, someone never heard of "the more, the merrier."

I have and I agree with the thought. If they contribute to the game or contribute to the financial bottom line they are welcome. In fact I will actively get involved to promote their participation. Otherwise get lost. That sentiment applies to pretty much everyone who enters the stadium to attend a Ticat game. No pay, no stay.

Turbo: You sound more like the team's owner than that other poster, Caretaker.

Its not about the money but rather its about the home team aiding and abeting the enemy. That in my opinion is what you are doing by inviting the opposition mascot, cheerleaders, fans etc to do anything more than any ordinary Ticat fan is allowed. I am not allowed on the field to lead cheers for my side so why should those folks be allowed. I am not allowed in the stadium without paying so why the heck should they be? Are they more valuable to the Ticats than me or any of the 25 thousand or so that actually have to pay to get in. Tough on them. I don't care of their feelings are hurt. In fact I hope they are! Pay up or stay home.

i think having the visiting cheer leaders at is a plus.. anything to spruce up a game. bring the other team's mascot. more for the fan to enjoy. I bet the girls would be excited going to away games as well

Did you see that Calgary barred the Sask mascot. Apparently not everyone agrees with you

I think having the opposing teams' cheerleaders and mascots at our home games helps with the rivalry. Heck - set up a wrestling ring at half-time and have the mascots rumble. Heck, it would be more entertaining than what we have been subjected to on the field the last two years...