"Classy" Argos release Raymond

Classy move by the Argos to save a few pennies the team has released their 2nd leading tackler this season and one of the few players that has played consistent football on that dreadful over-rated defence that has been a major disappointment as of late. I could see this move if Raymond's numbers weren't there and it was obvious that he had lost a step or two but Raymond's play this year has been stellar and he was one of the few bright spots on what has been an under performing and very mediocre defence for the Boatmen this season. Raymond has proven that he can still play this game at a high level and deserves better from this organisation then to be dumped on the scrap heap just for the sake of saving a few bucks.

[url=http://3downnation.com/2016/08/25/argos-release-raymond-avoid-guaranteeing-contract/]http://3downnation.com/2016/08/25/argos ... -contract/[/url] [url=http://www.cfl.ca/2016/08/25/argos-release-veteran-keon-raymond/]http://www.cfl.ca/2016/08/25/argos-rele ... n-raymond/[/url]

I'm so sick of this team.

Keon Raymond? Really?

I suspect he'll be on the first bus heading to Mayberry, R.F.D. - aka Regina Rams, aka Team Corky - they need ballers. Keon is a baller!

Keon would probably rather retire before jumping on that bus. I would personally welcome him here in Hamilton as he could be the answer to the departed Erik Harris opposite Simoni Lawrence at our other outside lb spot. He could be the final piece of the puzzle and allow the team to shuffle Rico Murray back to half opposite Emmanuel Davis in the middle of the D-Back field.

No doubt Keon is still an elite level guy but with an elite level contract. That's the current bane of tightly salaried capped teams in our league. Also, no doubt he's lost half a step but given his overall talent level - he could still help a few teams - assuming they can weasel him in under cap space!
Hamilton would be a decent fit - but prolly needs a contract renegotiation!
Winnipeg is flush up on the cap wall - mainly due to Drew Willy's $410k backup salary.
Raymond prolly sees he'd just be a temp in Sasky - and on a loser team in a loser organization topped off by loser media. (aka PP Pederson and Moses Nye)

ZERO surprise at this move. Raymond has struggled all season.

Casual fans will look at the stat sheet to try and base their "assessment" but if you watched the games you'd see Raymond getting torched for big plays pretty much on a weekly basis.

When a DB puts up big tackle numbers it's NOT a good thing - - it means they're being targeted.

It did not take long for Negative 51 to jump in.

Hurt me when he left Calgary.

Not only was he a class player, he was an even more class person.

Did a lot for our community.

There is so much talk ( from myself included about Zach ) but the Cats do need to work on the D.

Ray Ray would be a major plus.

Please please please do not have him end up in an Eskimo jersey.

I just call it as I see it, my friend.

Tyron Brackenridge was also a "class player" and a "class person" and he's out of the league too.

Let's see how quickly another team scoops up Raymond. And then let's see how much of a contributor/liability he is.

I know you call it as you see it. You are entitled to your opinion and should share it.

It is just you never say anything positive about anyone.

Your Argos need all the help they can get. This move does not help at all.

DB ??? I thought you said that you watched the games ? last time I looked Raymond was slotted in as one of the Argos outside LB's. Are you sure that perhaps maybe you aren't the one who is the CASUAL fan ? Maybe if the Argos wanted to save a few bucks maybe they should have cut that useless guy that wears #95 for them and has been for the most part invisible for much of the season.

Tell ya what A-51 get back to me when you have a clue and try to pay a little more attention when watching the games for a change. You never know you might just learn something.

But Raymond has been rolling into a lot of coverage…thus essentially acting more as a DB and a LB playing the line/front. This is not the man’s strength, and he is a good LB. I said in the off-season that I didn’t think that he had the gas to be an every down LB any more…he seemed to show that last season. He is playing a role that we now often see a DB play.

Sorry to intervene but many CFL tweeners have been DBs and linebackers from time to time and depending on the assembly of the defense. Raymond is one, the other one who comes to mind quickly is Chris Randle in Winnipeg. At times, the old bomber troop used under-sized Jovon Johnson as a linebacker/d-back. I'm sure there's many other examples!

Please Lyle, tell us how you really feel?

Btw, how long has it been now since Winnipeg won a Grey Cup???

This is a classic example of addition by subtraction. Raymond was just too much of a liability and was being constantly targeted.

I've had lots of positive things to say about Jim Barker's skill as a GM - - ironically, that kind of positive commentary gets people frothing at the mouth too.

That's correct.

Raymond has been in coverage MUCH more often than he's been in the box or blitzing. And once again, that's why you have to watch the games instead of just looking at a depth chart like Bob did.

What's wrong with him ending up in an Eskimo jersey? Our defense is actually gelling it seems, as long has he didn't interrupt that i'd be happy with him. We need depth in the secondary/linebackers. Put him in on 2nd down, perfect.

What is wrong with Ray Ray in an Eskimo jersey, is that I am a Stamps fan .

The last thing I need is to see a quality player like Ray Ray end up in the enemy camp.

Gotcha, wasn't sure who you were a fan of. But yeah, I could see the problem of Ray Ray pick-sixing Bo Mitchell :lol:
Although it would be a great sight to see...

This caught me by surprise as well. Not sure what team management was thinking...

I know 51 is not a fan, but last year he was still one of the best right time, right play, big play, defensive players for the stamps.

If I had a team that wanted to add some veteran leadership, even just to add depth, I would be interested in Raymond.