Classless DeAngelis

Did Sandro DeAngelis really need to be practising field goals at halftime, right during the tribute to Danny Mac and his incredible humanitarian efforts.

He should have stayed in the locker room or gone over to Brian Timmis.

What a jerk...

I loved how arrogant he was, dancing around and rubbing it in when they were winning and when he recovered his own short kick. Wasn't so arrogant when he missed that FG or when we beat them, was he??

No ONe Likes DeAngelis I guess

I don't dislike him. I don't know him, I just think it was funny to see the wind taken out of his sails.

He is from Niagara Falls and grew up a Ti-Cats fan and when he finished college he called the Cats and asked if he could have a tryout (Boreham days) and the Cats turned him away.

Maybe he's a little bitter..

He is a big boy now... maybe he should get over it..

Didn't detract from the tribute one bit for me.

An Argo-Cat fan

Yes, that was an arrogant call to short kick after an opening drive touchdown. DeAngelis made himself look bad for the celebration he put on after it. It was nice to see the Cats smack around their offence with some old time D the rest of the game.

Yea It was pretty classless kickin the onside kick right after their touchdown 5 minutes into the game. I think they wanted to try to rack up the points on the scoreboard against us, like all the others. Well at least we beat em this time...

To be honest, I didn't even notice it.

I thought it was odd that he was out there kicking during the tribute.

But, it never really interfered with anything so I guess it doesn't matter that much.

I wonder what Danny Mac thought about it or if he even cared.

Even if Danny did care, he would never say anything.. The man has toooooo much class.

i guess being classless is not wanting the cats to get the ball right back after they were marching effectively before the printers fumble.

also running around after the short kick. it's almost as bad as a player who intercepts a pass, running around with the ball, all excited like.

we would never try an onside kick like that with a 7 point lead. that would be just plain mean. :slight_smile:

why didnt taafe send out one of backup players on special teams to jack him up, This guy is cocky and trash talks and he's a kicker, im surprised no special teams player dont go out and give him a good helmet to chin shot, DeAngelis is your typical cocky italian.

He does this every game where is it classless bonehead.

Great raciest quote...

So the Tiger cats because they are down and out everyone should pity them I see. Football is where you score points the team that scores the most points wins. Your team did that and you are lucky that Burris got injured or you would not be yapping.

And I thought everyone thought Alberta had all the red necks. Good one.

He is one of the best he has a right to be cocky!

Holy Crap Man, is that the first half time show you seen. Setta was kicking the ball too, It's what kickers do b-4 the half starts. seemed rather normal to me, I don't think there was any disrespact there.
Lighten up. or maybe you just hate him without knowing him for some reason ?