Not sure if this was the face that he was making, but it's the only one I could find from that game (I somehow managed to miss the last play of that game)

I love seeing him lose that smile! It couldn't happen to a better team.

Good one guys. Those moving images reminded me immediately of Vince van Gopher from the Deputy Dawg cartoon. He would always pop his head out of the ground just as some plot thickened, look around totally blind, and respond "Wha happened? Wha happened?". Absolutely priceless!

when I see that, one song comes to mind.

"Everybody Hurts" :lol:

every single time i see it, it is funny all the time

u call yourself a bomber fan, and miss that play..shame on you lol

lol I know I know.....I was watching the game at the bar, saw the Edmonton TD and got a wee bit miffed, realised I was out of beer, went to get more beer, heard everyone cheering, found out what happened, I was happy of the outcome but sad I missed it, though I had several more drinks to celebrate 8)

win or lose, the look on machocha's face was priceless. at least he din't do the "dance" when edm scored! that would've been even funnier. i love the look of berry running down the sidelines as well - that was classic! GO BOMBERS!

at least i can rest easy for another week. i'm gonna b out of the country for the next 2 weeks so i'm gonna try the new "broadband telecast" to watch my bombers play ham. hopefully, another win!

...was that by rem....see Pigseye i ain't that old... :lol: