Classic Grey Cups

Set your tvs to tape the Classic Grey Cups everynight this week at 11 pm on CBC . Tonight its the 50s and Montreal with Faloney and Parker vs Edmonton with Normie Kwong .

I noticed that in the 50`s you were alloted 5 points for a td not 6 as we have today . They also had as many as 8 men on the O Line . But they still threw the ball as one TD pass was an eventful RB pass option that eventually ended up a TD .

And take a look at the hash marks....maybe 30 to 40 yards wide? Awesome.

I loved that era. Notice the 25 yard deep end zones too. We only reduced it to 20 when the dome in Vancouver was built in the mid 80s. I wish we'd go back to it, make an exception for BC if needed.

I watched some of the '54 game last night. It's wonderful going back in time watching some of the CFL legends in action. What a different era, eh? Quarterbacks kicking the ball, baggy uniforms, you name it.

But, my favourite moment last night was when the Referee took his flag (I'm assuming it was his penalty flag) and blew his nose in it and put it back in his pocket. That cracked me up!

Beginning in 1934 (I think) officials other than the head referee used horns instead of flags to signal a penalty. However, the horns were incredibly loud, far louder than the whistle. Also, players would instinctively stop playing when they heard the horn, and then someone would get plowed, or put the ball down, or some misadventure like that. Nonetheless, I believe the use of horns lasted well into the 1950s.

Did anyone see the pass thrown by the Montreal QB ? He jumped in the air to throw it over the Dline and the guy was running a slant pattern and ran it the length of the field for a TD .The announcer called it a Pro Pass . I guess this is where that pass originated .

You also had to love the way the guys reacted after a TD . There was no spike of the ball and no dance . They simply handed the ball to the ref . and trotted off the field .

Why aren't all the televised Grey Cups available on DVD? Classics or not, I'd love to buy them. For example, the 86 or 99 Grey Cup won't go down as a Classic but it means a lot to me as a Ti-Cat fan. Both those games were utter domination by the Cats. The same could be said of the 1990 game when Winnipeg clobbered Edmonton, I bet Bomber fans would love to get their hands on that.

So my idea is the CFL should call up CBC, dig up all the Grey Cup games and get some techie-type person to put them on DVD. All of them. Sell them in box sets. You could have all the Grey Cups won by each team, or you could have decade type DVDs (Grey Cups of the 90s) or you could sell them individually. The point is, sell Grey Cup DVDs!

I know this can be done because this is the exact kind of product which you can buy on I just pre-ordered a box set of all 40 Super Bowls. If that's too much football for some, they have a "Super Bowl's greatest moments" type DVD which probably shows all the 'classic' moments from games like when the Rams beat the Titans by a yard etc.

Plus, who wants to tape games? I don't want to deal with commercials or VHS for that matter.


(and if it sounds like I'm on a mission, well yes I am, I sent a similar message so they are aware of my opinion.)

Hamilton-Saskatchewan from 1972 is tonight (Wednesday) -- midnight up your VCRs and tape the classic if you haven't already!

Oski Wee Wee,

THANK YOU RUSS!!!!! i never would have know (and bein a 1984 baby, probably never would have seen it)

I had a tape of it before and it wound up lost in the ether...well, I'm taping it again tonight! :slight_smile:

BTW: thanks to all the other fans who joined with me in voting for the 1972 game re-broadcast on the CFL section. There will be two additional re-broadcasts of a 1980s classic and a 1990s one. They should announce tomorrow noght's offering at the conclusion of the replay tonight.

Oski Wee Wee,

damn, I missed the 60'sone, which one was it...

please dont say 66

Calgary-Ottawa 1968 from Toronto -- great duel of Liske versus Jackson, won by Jackson and co.

Oski Wee Wee,

Yes, it looks like quite a few VCRs will be recording what'll be on CBC tonight. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I am one of those who voted for the 1972 game to be re-broadcast in that poll. I was thinking of posting something here asking my fellow'ers to stuff the poll. But with some of the options available, there might have been some dispute as to which poll options should have been stuffed. Anyway, it's good to know I did not need to have people stuff that poll for that game to be on tonight.

Anyway, I am not sure why there does not seem to be anything on saying which games will be broadcast next. But the one from the 90's could be the next Grey Cup game to be played at IWS. Yes, I understand that it could be the one from 1991, 1996, or 1998 (I think.) So it may be one that Ticat fans would not like the outcome of. :slight_smile:

P.S. With this post, I join the 1,000 post club here. You have to excuse me, I guess I'm just one of those pepole who get excited at seeing milestones on an odometer. :slight_smile:

Tonight (i.e. early Saturday morning), it will be the 1991 Grey Cup replay -- Calgary vs. Toronto -- won by T.O 36-21.

Although watching the blue team win anything causes me to twinge a bit (LMAO..), the play of Rocket Ismail in particular was outstanding that day. It features Winterpeg in its frigid glory, whereas Sunday's tilt ought to be far less frozen!

Broadcast begins on CBC at midnight EDT, following "The Hour."


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