Classic Grey Cup Games

One of the things I'm really looking forward to are the series of classic Grey Cup games CBC is airing this week. Tonights game is the '58 Winnipeg vs Hamilton game. I love watching those older games. Going to have to catch the East coast feed though, as they don't start till midnight local time.

I agree. I transfer them to dvd and add them to my collection.

ESPN classics Canada will also be showing a couple

Missed both so far :frowning:

which one was last night??

1969 I think, but I fell asleep before it started. I wish they would start them earlier. These games would surely draw a bigger audience than that guy with the earring?

Last night was 69 on CBC and 86 On ESPN Classics
Tonight is 1978
Tomorrow is 1995
Friday is 2004
And of course on Sunday.........2007

I could watch the flutie argo games over and over again.

I can't believe they won't show the 2005 Grey Cup. Which ended in Double Overtime, in Edmonton's 38-35 win over Montreal. By far one of the best!

The best games are the games that edmonton and montreal did not win, and BC, Sask, To, and Hamilton did not lose.

Unless a Flutie played them. Anytime a Flutie wins, its good

It was only 2 years ago....Give them time....It is a regular feature during Grey Cup week.

Then again its not on the CBC after this year so I doubt that they will bother continuing

As long as they dont show the 1976 GC game. It figures that the Sask DBs could let Gabriel get that wide open... :x

You're right, Ro.

It would be nice to see some old school stuff. I really would like to see the Montreal game in the 70's with the staple gun halftime adjustments.

That was on ESPN Classic Canada last week. Montreal still won.

Missed it then.

In my opinion the greatest Grey Cup game ever was the 1961 Grey Cup with Kenny Pleon scoring the winning touchdown in overtime to lead Winnipeg over Hamilton, the only true overtime in Grey cup history. To bad they won't be showing that one.

I would also like to see the 1989 game with Dave Ridgeway winning it for Saskatchewan. Many say that was the greatest ever. It is the greatest game that I saw live.

YA mean in 2005 the reg time really didnt end in a tie forcing them to contiune playing to determine a winner?

ya but you can’t play the same games every year… they have to give other games some air time :smiley: