Class Is In Session: CFL & Athabasca University present CFL 101

TORONTO — The CFL and its Official Online Education Partner – Athabasca University (AU) – are inviting fans to learn more about the game through CFL 101. Available now, the new massive open online course is free and can be completed in approximately 45 minutes.

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No participant ribbons here either?

Lol, if you enrol from east of Manitoba, you only need to get 44% to pass. But if you're from west of Ontario, you need to get 67% to pass.


Damn some fans feel they know everything already... What will they be like when they take this 45 minute complete and comprehensive class .. might be a whole lot of over qualified future coaches and GMs applying for jobs soon


i would take this lol

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Maybe after taking this course, we can understand the mysteries of the C.F.L.
Questions which have baffled people for years.

  1. Why, in a nine team league, did we have two teams named "Roughriders"?

  2. Why did Ralph Brock become Dieter Brock?

  3. Why does the CFL feel the need to not divulge the amounts of player fines?
    Instead of "Diversity is strength", how about changing their slogan to "Clarity and honesty is strength".

  4. Why can't the CFL get to 10 teams? Surely SOMEBODY from Halifax, Quebec City, Victoria, Saskatoon, Moncton, London, Windsor or Kingston could step up and get a team!

  5. Why did Edmonton change their team name without allowing their fans to vote on the important decision?

  6. Are "Our balls are bigger" still an accurate statement?

  7. Why does T.S.N. need five channels showing the exact same game... but still manage to cut away from one gane to join another? Can't each game be designated their own channel?

  8. Why does T.S.N. require all male panelists to be bald?
    Milt Stegall, Davis Sanchez, Dave Naylor and Paul Lapolice probably all have a secret handshake too.