Class article about Jesse Lumsden on Redskins site

Good article, no speaking down at our Canadian CIS or CFL, about Jesse Lumsden and his football background. Classier talk than what I hear from my fellow Canadians at times about football in this country. Not on this site much of course.
Best of luck Mr. Lumsden, I hope you make it in the NFL (but if you don’t, then get your butt back here in Steeltown, we can always use you bud!). I may have to turn from a Vikings fan to a Skins fan if they keep this up.
Canada’s Lumsden Hopes to Beat the Odds

Lumsden was a huge loss for the Cats...
Watched him at the end of the year...good bursts through the line..
Best of all...great ball he sells tickets...

yeh, he's good but I would say, at this point, someone like Ranek is better because of experience mainly. But Lumsden I think has the potential to be a bonna fide CFL star, at the rb position.
Selling tickets, I don't know, he might be able to sell a few more here but we're doing quite fine without him, I don't think he has much of an impact even in his hometown here IMO. And with his talk a lot in the media about how the NFL has always been his dream, which is fine with the money they pay there it probably would be mine too just because of the money, he has lost some supporters here who think that money shouldn't matter (maybe they have lots of it I guess) and he should play in his hometown where he played college, first and foremost.

I think Corey will be helpful in getting butts in the seats in Hamilton. They don't usually need help with attendance though.

Lumsden is a good football player, but I personally don't think he deserves all this praise from Canadians. I said it before when Printers left the CFL. Casey left the league and people threw rocks at him as he left. He's crime was being too vocal about wanted to be a starting QB in our league. Lumden however, made it very clear from day on that he never wants to play in the CFL. He may end up here one day after continuous attempts to stay in the NFL. This kid will do anything to avoid this league and we carry him out of town on our shoulders. I wish him no ill will. I hope he does well. If he ever comes back to Canada, it better never be with the Hamilton Tiger Cats. When I see Jesse Lumsden, I see a Canadian who thinks he's too good to play in his own country. I can't get past that and I accept that I'm probably on an island with that opinion.

I think you're being a bit harsh Yeast. What I will say is that if he chooses to play in NFL Europe for practically the same money he would here, then I would say the hel* with him because that would really say he doesn't want to play in his home country as his chances would be slim to ever make it in the NFL from NFL Europe I will say. But I don't blame anyone for wanting to earn the minimum salary of $225,000, or whatever it is, it is about this amount, to be on an NFL team. As a Canadian, even a decent Canadian in the CFL, he would be making half-that at best, without the opportunity to make a lot more if he became a starter in the NFL. Just basic economics 101.

Think about it. $300,000 US compared to $50,000 Can. Why should he or any other player sacrifice that kind of money to get beat up. RB's take a pounding in either league so why shouldn't he try and make as much as he can. Life is short and football careers are much shorter. :roll:

purple pride brother!!! don’t be a band wagon fan! vikings for life. if you need more faith for the vikings go here

"Life without Favre for Dummies" Priceless Yogi, funny stuff!

I am curious that game he got 334 yds on 24 caries. Was that aginast U of T or one of those really crappy teams??

I don't think Lumsden is a great RB. It's nice that he was a force in Collage, but that means sweet "FA" at this level. He's proved nothing in the CFL. And I think there is a few football analysist that would agree with me when I say Jesse doesn't have a great running style. He runs almost straight up. He doesn't get tight (if that is the slang I'm looking for) He's going to hit a hole and then get his head ripped off because he's not low enough. I'm probably doing a poor job explaining what I'm trying to say, but hopefully you guys can figure it out. He won't make the NFL and until he proves otherwise, there is no indication that will he will ever be great in the CFL. Maybe I am slanting the field against him, but I don't like when kids are handed greatness instead of earning it.

Agree Yeast, it is currently hype over substance as Jesse has proved zero so far as a pro.
I still say you will see him back in the CFL this year.

I think if he does come back to Hamilton, they should consider trading him.

If he wants to keep trying the NFL every season, fine. But there's no way I'd want my team to keep a roster spot open for him just so he can step into it every time he's forced to put his NFL dreams on hold for another year.

So, Jesse, good luck to you buddy. If you become a star in the NFL, I'll be beating my chest proudly proclaiming that one of our own has made a name for himself in the "big leagues". But I don't want to be your safety net.

Another great point. Lumsden should be here for the Ti-Cats, not visa-versa.