Class Act

Barrenechea is a class act judging by today's Spec article. Say what you want about his playing ability, but he is a team player, and I'm glad he's on this squad.

I still think Brooks isn't that much of an improvement.

Agree with the first part, not the second. Brooks is a major upgrade, both in run defense and especially in pass protection. Augie was and is a valuable contributor. I'd like to see more of the 3-4 defense with both of them in the middle. Cheers

I don't think you'll be seeing 3-4 because that wouldn't suit the defensive line we have. We have pass rushers, not block hogs. Also, I would like to see the statistic you use to support the arguement that our run defense is any better than it was... say... in game 2?


Stuffed the run with those 122 rushing yards

Auggie's 104:

I admit it was a subjective comment, mostly based upon the way teams rushed up the middle all last year. Game to game stats are perhaps not a fair comparision anyway. Montreal runs based upon situation and score, and stats can vary wildly. Man I like Auggie. At the beginning of last year I picked him as the most likely player to be named team MVP. But the performance just didn't seem to be there. The full time job, for an entire season, just seemed to be more than he could handle. In any event, he'll get his opportunities and if he's equal to or better than Brooks, he'll win the job back. Competition is good.

Unless it is you being pushed.

brooks not an improvement ? what game are you watching ?

The game where we got ran on for 122 yards?


I just don't see how he's that big an improvement, teams still average 6 yards a carry against us and the same things people were complaining about with Auggie are still happening, the only reason people think he's better is because the defense is on the whole, playing better. Never mind the fact that Martin was the reason we were getting blown out of the water, and not Barrenechea.

You don't blame every yard rushing on the MLB. :roll:

Brooks is a HUGE upgrade. Anyone can see this. Anyone.

The only problem with Brooks: Hes 30. Age will come into play soon

and that's why Auggie stays with the team. He's the understudy. He stays sharp, he learns from the starter. His time will come.

Great point, Smoke9.

auggy will get a shot again one day but i still think he's still on a learning curve and needs to totally grasp what a total mlb is.
brooks could not be denied a look as a starter. he was maybe the best player in camp/preseason and has big play ability. definie upgrade.