Class act ?

What's the Als are thinking releasing KJ the week before the playoff begin ? This guy have sacrifice his body to our cause, year in and out. That's how they thank him ? I understand he didnt play up to his standard this year, but what will happen if Garrison injure himself on the Big O super turf ? In my book, that's a cheap move !

The DOn has to go! I'm getting pretty sick of this f'in around with our good guys. What's next, benching Cahoon for ripping one in the locker room?

UglyandHasty, it is indeed a cheap move.

But it's even worse than you think.

A reporter asked the Als "What would you do if Garrison went down in the playoffs?"

They said: "Oh, that wouldn't be a problem, because Kevin Johnson told us he would be willing to come back if someone gets injured. So if we need to, we'll re-hire him."

How disgusting.

Kudos to Johnson for displaying such loyalty to an organization that treats him like dirt.

That's sad.... I can understand releasing 2 players like Word and the other (cant spell that :smiley: ) they didnt play one whole season here, but a vet like KJ. It's very disapointing, i was expecting more. Ah well.

And you said in another post that they push Heppel out ? That i didnt knew ! I'll wear his #33 this wekend :slight_smile:

They weren't going to dress Johnson for the games anyways, so keeping him around would just be a distraction to the players who were playing. All you Don Matthews haters love to jump on every decision he makes without looking at the reasoning behind it. Clearly, from the games he played, Garrison was the more productive of the two. He brought a presence to MLB that we hadn't had all year. It's unfortunate, but with the limited rosters in the CFL, you can't just carry players for sentimental reasons or past performances.

Don't forget, this willingness to change personnel is one of the reasons we have had all the success we have in the last few years. One thing people tend to forget is that pro sports is a business. Imagine if you will, that you own a small business, with limited resources. You can afford twelve employees, and one of those twelve is just not performing. He has in the past. In fact, in the past he was recognized as one of the best at doing what he does. But that was then and this is now. In fact, his lack of performance is hurting the prductivity of the other eleven, because their jobs are all co-dependant on one another. Now, just when things look bad, along comes a young, energetic potential employee who can do the same job, but better. And not just a little better, but a lot better. Do you not hire this young employee because you don't want to fire the old employee who has served you well in the past? Do you risk losing this young employee to one of your rivals so that you can let the old employee hang around because it's the "classy" thing to do? No! You do what's best for your business, your "team", to make them the most productive unit they can be.

Don't get me wrong, I feel bad for KJ. He was one of my favorite players the last couple of years. But I noticed from the beginning of the season that he was no longer the player he used to be. And it's not like he's losing any money from this. He's guaranteed his full salary, plus any playoff share due to an Als player.

The players that are going to play in the playoffs need to concentrate. And while I'm sure he would be a team player about it and not intentionally create a distraction, just his presence would cause a disruption. That's not what the players need going into Sunday. They need to be able to focus fully on the task at hand. It's sad for him, but that's business.

And you say they pushed Heppel out... think about this. He was hurt last year, missed a good chunk of the season. He's been hurt before in his career. 7 operations he's gone through.Fullback is a position that you can't really play through injuries, especially to your legs. Almost every play your throwing yourself into the LOS, at an oncoming LB or DL. If you have a worn down body going into the season, imagine after a couple of weeks. There is no way he would have been able to finish the season. In fact, there is no way he would have been able to beat out Mike Vilimek for the job, and with the limited rosters, you don't really have the space to carry an extra fullback. So Heppel got to go at least somewhat on his own terms, without the embaressment of not making the team. You can't blame Jim Popp for making the decision to sign Vilimek when Bruno himself didn't think he'd be able to play a full season.

Als all the Way, if you run a 12 employees business, you can do whatever you like because at the end of the day, you pay the invoices and cash in the revenues.

A football team exists because people outside of it, the fans, finance its existence. And although the fans do want to see victories, they also want you to treat with appropriate respect the players they like. Being a fan is being emotional about some entity. So some decisions will please you or displease you in spite of the impact it may have on "return on investment".

KJ could have been hid on the injury list or put on the suspended list. Letting him go watch the game from home alone in his living room while his friends have a shot at winning the Cup is an unclassy move. If you pretend he's injured, he keeps his dignity even if he doesn't play. If you release him, you call him "expendable and not good enough to be traded" in front of all the CFL community. You don't do that to someone who busted his ass for you for years. Not if you have other ways of not playing him.

As a season ticket holder, I think of myself as a shareholder of that business you were refering to. And decisions such as this one make me a plssed shareholder.

I understand your point Als all the Way. Unfortunatly, i dont really like how things are runned with the excuse of football being a business. I have always thought, that a football team is like a family. That's not the kind of move you do to a family member right before the playoff. I dont think he would habe been a distraction. And BTW, i'm not a Don hater, but i dont have to approve all the decision he makes.

Se can have an extra full back... so Piercy is? :wink:

But the thing is, KJ could just have been used to back up Garrisson incase he gets injured. The guy isn't a distraction, he isn't even a trouble maker (that I know of). Why keep so many rookies on the roster before the playoffs and cut veterans. Seems like the DOn doesn't learn from his dumb a$$ moves from the last few years with rookie DBs for the East final... GENIUS!

IDIOT with no class.

Piercy is a special teamer. With the condition of Heppel's legs, the last thing he needed to be doing is run down kicks. If he wasn't going to be the starter at fullback (which he wasn't), he didn't have a place on the team. Once again, roster limitations mean that you have to be able to play the "teams" to be on the team.

And I never said that KJ being a distraction would be through any fault of his own. He could be the perfect team player and still be a distraction just through his mere presence. Think about it, you've lined up beside him all year long, and now you're geting ready to play in the big game, and he's not gonna play. But he's there, at practice, team meetings, and you see him. And every time you see him you can't help but feel a little guilty that you're playing and he's not. That's distracting, because you're thinking about that instead of focusing on the task at hand. And what about to Garrison himself. He's earned the chance to be the starter by being the better player when he's been in there. But if he has to see KJ every day at practice, he is constantly wondering not only what KJ is thinking, but about what the rest of his teammates are thinking. Do they prefer KJ? Do they resent him for taking his job? Do they think he doesn't belong? Again, not KJ's fault, but his mere presence causes those questions to be asked. That's not the type of stuff you want running through a young player's mind before a big game. Is it fair to KJ? No it isn't. But the best interests of the team have to come first.

And calling the Don an idiot with no class is just STUPID. First of all, you don't win as many games as he has if you're an idiot. How many times has he replaced veteran players that seemed irreplaceable? In his years in Montreal I can think of many instances, and it has worked out a lot more than it hasn't. Matthews and Popp realize that to maintain success you have to adapt, and constantly try and get the best talent out there on the field. The only reason there is so much criticism this year is because the team hadn't wrapped up first by Thanksgiving. That's when the reporter's in this city that hate Don Matthews (because he doesn't kiss their a$$es) start feeling confident enough to run him down and fuel the anti-Don sentiment. Didn't you ever notice that when the team is going well, the reporter's don't really pick on him, because they know that the public will more than likely take hs side. But the minute the team hits a rough stretch, the hyenas start circling. And the fans jump on the anti-Don bandwagon.

If you want to see a real no class move, look at what happened to Paopao in Ottawa. To compare Mathews to that is ridiculous. He may not be the most pleasant guy in the world, but he's not payed to be anyone's friend. He's payed to coach and win football games. And considering how many he's won in his career, I think I'm going to have just a little faith in his instincts about personnel moves.