Clash of the .....

Help me out here guys. The Edm vs BC game was billed as the Clash of the Titans, what word can we use for the 1 - 6 Bombers vs the 0 - 7 Cats.

The Clash of the Unfortunate?

I dunno trying to pick a word that is polite yet still accurate.

How funny would it be if this game ended in a tie??


haha... 3 points baby.. and atleast Hamilton will look good.. 1 point.. still a contender in the east.

clash of the crap......clash of the victory-challanged.......Beavis and But-head bowl....

clash of the two injured qb's...

Toilet Bowl? :mrgreen:

What's the over under for that game?

Clash of the Dwarfs....
I vote for Clash of the Victory-Challenged.

Hash.....(not the oil), the other stuff with corned beef in it.

dungeon - dwellers, thats the byline in the Fress Press this morning.

You guys are being to hard on your team. The real anger should not be directed at the players as much as it should be directed at Taman the guy responsible for the product on the field. The season is not over keep the faith. The Stamps bombed last night but I still have faith they will get it done sooner or later. The same can happen to the Bombers.

The Battle of Betty