Clash of the Titans

Who will win the matchup in BC next week?

8 reasons why Esks will win.

Ray's, Mitchell, Tucker, Hervey, Montford, Jeanty, Gass, Tompkins.

Hervey may be out for the season

Eskimos....Lions are due for a loss......but so are the esks.......Go Eskimos!!!!! :lol:

Lions Are Due For A Loss, However I Think Going Into Fridays Game The Eskies Have An Advantage. Both Teams Have Amazing Offence, Perhapes The Best Two In The League, However Edmonton's Got A Really Good De, So As Far As Theoredical Victories Go, I'd Give It To Edmonton.

not meaning too much disrespect but EE has a good defence???????????
They just let Hamilton score a ton of points on them. A qb who has not played much at all throw a td on his first pass and look good the rest of the game. A team who allowed Winnipeg(the offensive powerhouse of the league (sic) run the ball at will. I think not. EE have a decent but average defence. It is their offence that wins them games.

Riders Rule

O gawd....i dont like this match-up because Eskies are my 2nd favourite team in the west...But my allegiance is to the lions :twisted:
We are not goint to be defeated at home..due for a loss?...its not going to be edmonton...And if you think that our offense is not as good as you thought...You Aint Seen Nothing Yet...I hope our offense explode against you can just post alot of stats as many as you want...ill just let my lions do the talking on the field...

THE SEASON!? Where'd you get that from? Hervey said It's not hurting that much right now, and the early indication is he'll be out 2-4 weeks.

I wouldn't call this game the clash of the TITANS.......

Both teams have some that is even , and B.C. are due for a loss......but , EDMONTON......hasn't really been tested yet.....and got lucky againt Montreal and they beat B.C. and the ARGOS .....we will talk .......TITANS.

Edmonton got lucky against Montreal? Edmonton lost to Montreal!!

5 - 0 vs 5 -1, the two best records in the league thus far, Dickenson vs Ray, top two qbs, I would call then Titans thus far. I picked Edm in a shoot out, simply because of their front 4 on defense, otherwise not much to choose from.

turkey- just a quick question exactly does edmonton have an- and i quote- "average" defence? let me just give you a few 'average' facts about our 'average' defence.

hmmm...let's see...

ranked 1st or 2nd in the league in a large number of defensive categories, including fewest avg points per game, fewest TDs, most sacks, fewest total points, fewest yards total offence, fewest avg yards against per game, fewest net yards rushing, fewest average yards rushing...shall i go on? holy crap, if thats average what exactly would you call a dominant defense?

as for my game prediction, i feel that both have excellent clubs with certain flaws. edmonton's O-line isn't where i would like it to be, and we don't have an established running game like BC does. on the other hand, i feel that bcs o-line is worse than ours, and our defense is slightly better. very tough one to call, but i'll take the eskies by a touchdown.

FYI as far as stats go, Esks are ranked #1 in defense right now. So yea, they do have a good defence.

Big advantage to the Lions , they got a way better QB. Period Don’t care what anyone else thinks about that. Ray’s ok but not in the same league as DD.

Dickenson is good, but Ray is leading the league in TD's, Yards, and completion. He's a better QB then Dickenson, and the stats are there to prove it.

Yards 2048
TD’s 14
Completions 158

Yards 1635
TD’s 11
Completions 131

Mind you...Ray's played one more game then Dickenson....

If Lions did play equal games and Dickenson threw 3 TD's, 400 yards, and 27 completions in that extra game then they would be equal.

To say Dickenson is in a different league is ridiculous.

All the Lions need to do is play the game and just let Edmonton kill themselves with penalties... :smiley:

tsk tsk...

Team---------------- W L
British Columbia---- 5 0
Edmonton------------ 5 1

Don't be fooled by the stats that you Got
We're still, we're still Lions from the Top
We used to have a little, now we have a Lot
No matter what you got, you know we're Unbeaten i know what montreal fans feels like last year 8)

Ray = 341.3 Yards per game, Dickenson = 327 ypg
Ray = 26.3 Completions per game, Dickenson = 26.2
Ray = 2.3 TD's per game, Dickenson = 2.2

Essentially identical

I know it’s close… It should be a very close game.
Wasn’t Simon injured in the last game? He jammed his knee pretty hard, he’s got to be out for at least 6 weeks…

That’s going to have an impact.