Clash of the Titans: Montreal vs Edmonton

Who will win this match?


Think you forgot a team in there..... :wink:

LOL...nice poll, no Mont option....even funnier is the title...Edmonton a "Titan"??


Maybe I should start a poll
If Mtl wins how long till EE shows his face again?
1 week
2 week

about the only thing certain with EE fans is that they wont be around for a week after they drop another one.

This is a biased poll, and I shall not take part in it. get a life EE

I say Montreal starts off kinda slow, and maybe a little better towards the end. Final score Montreal 1 Zillion ED 3

Montreal wins.. no arguements

Ooops! Silly me! I forgot to add an option for Monteal.

How do you modify a poll after it's been posted?

All seeing mod, can you add one more option to this poll please...

6 - Edmonton and Monteal Tie

you're such an idiot EE, go play on Jasper Ave for me, will ya?

That hurt my feelings.

Actually I think it’s funny EE, good one…

Thanks hank, you're a good guy.

Did someone change the meaning of Titan! Well Montreal might fit it! But for Edmonton would it not be meek! :lol:

Montreal by 14 :wink:

That's not one of the options.

If your coach is four feet tall with man b o o b s and prances like a "little person" saying "Follow the yellow jersey, follow the yellow jersey!"

Titan? hmmm

Titan wannabe.

Well I actually think Edmonton is going to win this game. They can't go 2-4 with 4 of their first 6 at home. They are a pretty desperate team in this one and they will bounce back from last week's game, where they deseved the loss, but played decent. They've got something to prove right now.

Obviously I didn't vote in the poll. If you're going to do a poll, you might as well make a real one, not a joke one.

And Edmonton is NOT a Titan at this point (I assume that was part of your joke though).

And it's funny, I should hope for Edmonton because it's better for the Bombers, but I don't think I can bring myself to cheer for Edmonton!