Clarke Stadium Information

Hi, I am from Ireland and trying to find what Irish connections there are with CFL and Canadian Football in general. I recently found out the Stadium in Edmonton was once called Clarke Stadium, which is I think an Irish name or at least there are a lot of Clarke's in Ireland. Does anyone know if there is an Irish connection with the Clarke (s) the Stadium is named after. Thanks. Enda

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Can't answer on Clarke but here's a nice Irish yarn.

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According to Wikipedia it was named after Joseph Clarke (a politician --yuck) who was born in Ontario. It makes no mention of his heritage.

The namesakes father was born in Ireland, but it seems Joseph and all the family members of his generation were born in Canada.


Thanks mysecondname, this has been helpful. I guess we go by the granny rule in Ireland, at least with Soccer and few other sports, so Joseph Clarke qualifies as an Irishman for my project. Heck, Gus Hernandez, who was born in Mexico and qualified as Irish by marriage and 10 years residency has a Baseball Ireland Award named after him after getting the first ever hit in an Ireland Baseball International at the European Championships in the late 1990s, so the son of an Irish Emigrant can count also. Thank you again, very helpful!

Thanks Tedtanium 1976 - I was aware of Duncan O'Mahony and have a bit of information on his career but this article has filled in a few gaps in his College Career. Thank you again. Enda

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