Has Clark's time passed? Has he had his shot? Would he do better with a better OL coach (I still think the present one sucks horribly)
In the last game of the season he was responsible for the blocks where Tino got crushed as well as where Allen got crushed. He was blocking when DD went out. IMO Watman is already playing better. I would trade for a draft pick if I could....I have to think that the ORBs or Bombers would bite.

If Jones does actually end up in green next season it should be Clark's end, but it should be either way. The only thing that saves him is if they can not get Big Ben back.

It does appear that Dan Clark's play has gotten worse over the course of the season... IMO, he is really only a depth guy... He can come in on a few series here or there, and plays decently with fresh legs. I just don't think he handle the full rigours of playing every down.

I would be more inclined to shop Picard. Use his salary, plus some dollars in other areas to get both Jones and Heenan signed. How nice would it look for the Riders to have a young, dominant O-line with as many birth certificates from Saskatchewan as possible. And IMO, Watman is ready to be a starter.. He has looked good over the last few games, and is showing why he was a first round draft pick.

And maybe look at a new O-line coach if the current one is not getting it done. Just think of the Eskimos O-line last year compared to this year.... Pretty much same personel, just a different coach..

I agree Clark is not cutting it period as a starter. Not sure who would be center if they did decide to trade Picard but if they got a good linebacker especially a middle linebacker for him then it may be all right. Not crazy to be honest with the way Picard handles the shotgun snaps as the ball seems to float back pretty slow and often the qb is just getting it and the defense is through the line all ready. Clark and Picard to BC for Bighill or Solomon? Might be interesting.

I am suggesting the only way they trade Picard is if they can Sign Brett Jones from Calgary (He is a free agent and is mentioned in Depop's original post)

As far as center, I believe Watman is the guy. I believe he was drafted as a Center and that was his position in University. If they are able to sign Brett Jones in the offseason as an FA, and resign Heenan, it would mean Watman would remain a depth guy again.

Picard is still a top end OLman, and could probably be used to bate a very high draft pick. I said during the expansion draft that I would have left Picard unprotected, and I would probably be looking at moving him. I is a stud on the line and a fan favorite, but the Riders are in a position to extend Watman and get younger. That would put them in a need to draft 1-2 on the OL again this season, and probably hit the FA market as well.

Priority on the OL is obviously re-signing Ben though, and going from there. He has a desire to stay close to the family farm, so I think they can do it with a minor discount. He will pull the plug for a good offer from Bomberland though.

Clark is only 26, so he still has potential, but he has been inconsistent. teams definitely hone in on him when he is in.

Best is concerning because he has been plagued with injury, but he is still one of the best in the game.

There are some really good OLmen in this draft. It could be one of the deepest in history. The Riders should be trading to get a fair shot at Addison Richards and Alex Mateas plus another early pick...perhaps Tyler Varga.

Right now the Riders have round 1, 2, 4 (Cats pick) 5, 6 and 7 plus whatever the conditional for Anderson was, and I have to assume that condition was not met. They should be looking, after the season, to package 1 from the OL, the 4th round pick, Hurl (sorry, they are not using him for what he is worth...put the resources elsewhere), Rod Williams, Adcock (perhaps), and MAYBE Clark for picks. You could package those players in different trades for a combination of players and picks. Ideally it would be nice to pick up a first or early second round pick.

If, and only if.... They can resign Heenan, and Sign Brett Jones via FA, then both Picard and Best become expendable as I think Watman is ready. Not that Picard or Best are poor players, but only to get younger. Face it, guys like Heenan, Watman, and Brett Jones are very talented... It's only a matter of time before they start winning OL awards as well... And I agree Depop, if the Riders can get some high draft choices out of it, all the better. Taman has been good at making deals to draft what the organization really wants

As far as Fulton or Adcock, I think both are pretty good players. One of them becomes expendable if they can find a decent import back-up to come in and play in the event of injury

So if they can sign Heenan and get Jones they certainly have to cut some where. Lets not forget Dressler still needs to be resigned. If the Riders pull off the repeat then I think Foley is done. If not he may want to hang around for another year to go out on top and he did have a pretty good year too. Whats the status on Chick and George? We can't afford to lose both Foley and Chick and George is solid also.

I think we need to dump some excess in the running game. Having now 4 running backs is insane. Same with the backup qb's. Pick one or two at most and cut ties with the other backup. Does Price stick around or was this just panic on the Durant situation. Pretty hard to judge with not seeing him get a down.Seth is the one I would look at moving. He has done nothing in my opinion to keep a spot open for him. Tino is also a question mark but does show more potential. Riders do have to learn something from this year and not having a decent backup can kill your season. Whoever they keep they have to get playing time and more then just 3rd down sneaks. Not saying Durant is done but he has had injury issues also. Not just the elbow but leg troubles too and he isn't getting any younger either. I think 3 or 4 seasons is the max we can expect from him. We don't want to turn into Winnipeg and have no one to step in when the time comes and be left grasping at straws to see who will be behind center.

Could be an interesting off season but hopefully thats a few weeks down the road and we are still celebrating another cup. :slight_smile:

Doubles has got a good number of years left in him I think. He's younger than I, and I'm early Thirties. I'm thinking it is not unreasonable to think he can still be around for the next 5 to 8 years. I don't expect him to be AC, but he's a future hall-of-famer.

However, I do agree that we need to develop a backup more than we have. But this is coaching. We need more garbage time to be able to put in the young'uns. This year, we've had pretty much no garbage time... (except when it's the whole game that should be considered garbage time.)

Doubles did not have great stats this year, but he made the difference. He took a bad shot, but it happens. I think he'll be around till long past the new stadium is here.

I dont have any doubt that Watman is better now. He was projected to come in CFL ready his rookie year and he was. Now in Year two he has taken the next step to where he can be a starter is needed going into next season. If not and they can keep the line in place being able to play center and both OG spots makes him the 6th guy.
Dan Clark is doing the job he has been groomed for. Coming form Juniors he has been a training camp and PR guy while with the Thunder and has worked his way into that extra lineman, spot playing time, and a bonus as Olineman in double TEs who can catch a pass every now and then.
He is not going to be a starter but certainly being a Sask guy who knows the offense can keep him in the mix for some extended years. Would likely be willing to slide up and down from roster to PR depending on the season and who is healthy or who may be added.
I dont think there would be much interest in him from around the rest of the league.
Zac Evans on the Dline side of the ball is a very similar case. I really think the Riders were caught way off guard when Ottawa took him in the expansion draft. He did play well the second half of the 2013 Grey Cup year and a rotating Canadian DT is very valuable.
The riders got clobbered with their Canadian depth this year via free agency and expansion draft. I think they pretty much knew Butler was gone. Sholo as well an all star Calibre Canadian DT was likley expected that ottawa would take him. Newman was a guy I thought they should have kept but the Bombers had different ideas offering him likely more than the Riders could afford. He would have been very valuable as a second safety and teams player for the National depth. Losing Evans really botched up their dline rotation with Evans very capable and part of the National roster.
They settled on bringing back Shamori williams as strictly a Teams player but he could not contribute in any D packages like Evans or Newman could. he really has no position on defense.
Evans may just come back in Free agency soon which will be huge with Foley not getting any younger and Lee a short term solution and Ainsworth not proven yet whether he can contribute on D or be strictly a teams player. Leaving them with Hurl who is a great teams guy as well as the ability to start or be packaged in at either Mike/Will LB.

Jones will be highly touted. Calgary will make him a priority one on their oline. The Riders as well will do the same in FA. Wildcard will be Ottawa again who could still out bid anyone for a player they really want. A young smart guy like him can see football lfe span as being short and Ottawa is a nice destination with solid owners and great new facilities.
Neufeld as well could look to come back to the Riders. Riders likely had him expendable with Heenan breaking out at RT and pending expansion draft. He has battled injuries but when he left the Riders he was a solid 6th or starting Olineman playing both RG and RT. He is also just going to be 26 as well same as Clarke. Neufeld could be very valuable with the ability to play RT.
Leaves Fulton who started in the Big 10 and spent his NFL career praciticing, injuries this year but came back last game and was a complete beast once again. Adcock as well an all big 12 OT. Adcock as well seeing only NFL training camps played very well. On th PR another prime college player at Ole Miss is just in his true rookie season. Another true rookie in a 6'4 Matt Vonk could also carve a spot as a National back up

yes sunseri got crunched alright, I never heard if he was injured or not, I'm sure we'll need him for the game. anyone know his status??????

says he is fine and it was precautionary.

Clark has not performed. Watman has outclassed him and it took 5-6 games for this to get established but it is now established.

Off season they can try to trade Clark but I think the other GM's know what they are getting and can find other prospects.

Watman has been groomed as our next centre. I expect Picard to get shopped or released. Combo of age and salary. They need that salary to sign Heenan. Picard will go and Watman becomes the centre. Jones but we won't get him. No medical school in Regina so he can't do both........he can in Calgary.

As for imports.............who knows.

Draft..........yeah I expect we draft 1-2 OL in draft. A ready receiver is needed as well as 89 ain;t getting younger. We need the need round of receivers to replenish Getz and Bagg or you limit your options to play the ratio.

Just re-watched the highlight and Clark was not responsible for the Allen fumble play. Clark was LG, blitz came off the right edge, Cronk should have picked it up but he went left (probably intended to lead block?) leaving the pressure unblocked.

Fair enough, but with Cronk he is inexperienced enough that it is pretty easy to shrug off. I am really on the fence on how I feel with Clark. I think he is on the verge of getting to where he needs to be, but really he has to get there pretty early into 2015, as Watman is looking to surpass him. I strongly feel that OL coaching is the largest factor in some of the issues though...I mean add it up

  • rainbow shotgun snaps where we may yet see a missed block let a defender there before the ball
  • long snaps (on FGs anyways) causing a few bad placements (3 I can think of off the top of my head)
  • Leading the league in lots
  • Heenan seems to have not progressed a lot this season, others seem to be the same

Maybe I am way off, but Malone seems a common factor

Overall I think that your criticism is fair, I just wanted to correct that one play.

But let's give clark his due too, he played 1 game at center for Dom this year and looked good, as well as all his work at guard, and also been used at TE and been reliable there.