Clarify a rule please?

Can someone clarify something if they are sure? Usually Jerkface is pretty good at these...

Winnipeg tries a FG and its either blocked or just shanked, either way the ball goes forward and the Cats pick it up... Should it not be NO YARDS? It has to be... otherwise its a live ball which it is not.

I have seen this called in the past, and if it was no yards (There were 3 Bombers right there) then we were robbed a point and the botched FG would be for the win...

Anyone know the correct ruling on this?

It depends if the field goal was blocked.

If it was blocked then anyone on the field can recover.

Not if it goes forward.

You are correct. I think there should have been no yards on the play then.

Which is what I thought, anyone else think thats a huge call that got missed? If we need 2 for the tie we may have centered the ball and kicked it on 2nd down.

As long as it doesn't cross the line of scrimmage it's a live ball.
If it crosses the line of scrimmage then it is treated as a punt

jojo was given five yards on the play, thats why it wasnt called.

I just watched it in slow motion again and the ref had his hand on the flag but the players were right at the five limit so it coulda went either way so thats why the ref didnt call but more interesting is that the ball appears to hit the goalpost and charge direction, not sure what that would mean?

It drove me nuts that JoJo didn't hustle to the ball more. If it hadn't rolled over the goal line for him to down as a single he would have been forced to field it near the 1 with a swarm of Bombers around him. Wonder if he had visions of last year's fumble racing through his mind.

Hindsight is 20/20, and it can be hard to judge the speed and trajectory of the ball, but I thought he would have had a good chance to make a decent return without giving up the single if he had tried to field the ball sooner than he did. Might even have taken it back all the way.

I felt the same way on that play, he could have grabbed the ball and ran it out to keep us behind by two. I'm pretty sure that the coaches told him that he should concede a point if the field goal was missed, but there was no discussion on what to do if this situation occurred.

Either way, if we were good enough to win, we should have turned that drive into a touchdown and won, or made the field goal to tie. The Bombers D shut us down pretty good at the end of that driver. Another loss by an inexperienced team.


It wasn't no yards because the closest Bomber, the opne that was within the five yard limit, was #18, the it again...

If thats the case the officials are supposed to throw the flag and clarify which player it was.

Watched it again frame by frame and #77 was just as close as Serna (If not closer) he just wasnt rushing into the endzone.

Watch it again, not when the ball hits the post, not when Walker puts hit hands down but when he actually picks it up.... It really was an easy call.

I haven’t watched it again but if the returner motions like he’s going to pick it up to draw the coverage into the no yards zone, I think they can wave off the penalty. Not sure if that’s what happened.

question is would the cats take the ball on the fifteen? or give up the point and take it from where they kicked it?
the way jojo had his hands out they could have kept the flag in the pocket cus you cant mess around like that and still get a penalty.
I know the ball is still in play if it hits the goal post though, I found that.

I would have taken it on the 15 with a chance to win rather than tie... not sure what Marcel would have done though.