Clarification on thread deletions

I would like to know why some threads have been deleted today. in particular, the "How would you rate Lancaster's performance" and the first thread dealing with the Rob Katz-Brian Williams interview.

I am curious because if there were objectionable entries within it, cetainly the offending entries could have been deleted...or the thread could have been locked. As it is, the threads have been vaporized without as much as an explanation.

Could there be a mechanism where if a thread is deleted, a followup reply notification could indicate this? It is somewhat disturbing to click a replay notification and find out on one's own that the thread you've contributed to is gone.

Oski Wee Wee,

I just asked the same question. See, this is why threads are locked. :wink:

I noticed you had, Just, after I started this thread. I hope the title of the thread is clearer re the issue at hand.

Oski Wee Wee,

one of my threads was deleted, re Katz/Williams. I pm'd a 'ticat mod' and have not yet received any response. any ideas ou there?

Mine was deleted too, i would appreciate knowing why it was deleted.

As a moderator on another CFL site its a rule that we message people letting them know why a thread is deleted.

I would have thought a nationally televised interview would be ok to talk about.

Im very curious to know which forum rule i broke.

That's what it was like on the old site too, Vinny was good for that.

i wouldn’t count on an answer, i PM’d a mod about something a few times and got NO reply. was unimpressed but meh. here i am.

in other news… (shhhhhhhh)


I would like some clarification also. The Rate Lancaster thread was deleted after I posted on it. I said nothing negative about Marshall Lancaster or Katz and it was deleted. Whats the deal!?

I will check into the reason why the threads were “vaporized”. Posts shouldn’t be deleted or locked other than as a last resort. Moderators should atleast contact the author of the deleted post.

I will keep you informed of what I find out


That would be greatly appreciated. I had a thread about the outburst of a certain player yelling at the fans that was LOCKED. I did not see any bad language in it or any other content that was bad.

Everyone that was deleted deserved it. Some of you children need to grow up. I love a good debate as well as the next but I am getting fed up with the stupid posts on this Forum. We have to get behind the team, Mr Young and the wonderful staff that he has. Ask yourself a question from your heart and answer it after you really use your brain first and not your mouth. WHAT DO THE TICATS REALLY MEAN TO ME? To me,I love what the team has become. I love being at the Stadium. I love seeing the smiling faces of the little and big kids that I face paint. I love the people all around me at the game. I love the Box J Boys for there enthusiasum and dedication. I could go on and on. I also would love for them to be in the Grey Cup every year and fighting hard to be there but I also know there are seven other teams doing the same thing. Thinking positive is a lot better than being Negative all the time. WIN LOSE OR DRAW TICATS EAT EM RAW. FROM EAST OR WEST OUR TEAM IS THE BEST. COME ON EVERYONE DON'T DROWN IN YOUR BEER. LETS ALL GET BEHIND THEM AND GIVE THEM A CHEER. PAT_CAT

Pat_Cat, usually thread deletion is justified. However, the threads that have been deleted of late, had no reason to be deleted. It truly is getting pathetic, that we cannot bring up certain subjects, that should be debatable, or at least talked about on the team forum. There's strict, and then there's rediculous, right now the moderators are using poor judgement calls on threads, and it's even worse when nobody is contacted to give reason of deletion. These forums become worse and worse by the day. The posters that should be banned or at least dealt with, aren't. While those who post frequently and intelligently are being dealt with on little things, and sometimes things that aren't needed to be dealt with. Something has to change, the forums haven't been the same since the change, and neither have the moderators.

For what it is worth, I agree with this post by Millar91.

But I'm glad to see Adam Provost of the Ticats office acknowledging that our recent moderating practices have not been up to the standards of better forum management. We'll keep working on it.

Meantime if your topic is deleted unfairly (in your opinion) just restart a new one with a neutral topic title. It is usually because the tone of the debate has become so negative that re-starting it is the best course.

One bit of advice: don't start topics with highly negative subject titles. They act as "trolls", and tend to get folks all riled up. Use neutral titles even if your first post is a critical one.


if its possible why cant you just delete the reply to a topic instead of the whole thread and let the person know why it isnt wanted. that would save a lot of fustration over deleted threads

I'd like to know as well... if that makes you feel any better. I posted in one of the two threads you mentioned.


My thoughts are if there is an offending post, then why can't that just be deleted without the entire thread disappearing?

Is it the way this board is set up — I mean the technology or whatever?

I can see some mods getting fed up with some of the stuff here and on the main board.
Some of it is juvenile, flaming and often so nonsensical.

But mods or team’s reps should not be deleting threads or posts simply based on whether they are critical or embarassing in some way.

If Members want to spend from now til doomsday knocking the team’s performance, the coaching staff, the price or policy relating to concessions, parking or forbidden chants, they should be allowed to do so so long as it is within normal bounds.

If Bob, the Ti-Cats’ org or the website’s creator wish to control the board acc to whatever guidelines, moral code or particular philosophy, they could do that as well.

The issue of why the Williams INT with Katz getting banned has popped up on other sites.

Not having seen the original thread but just relying on the individual who created it, he claimed it was innocuous enough.

Perhaps then, subsequent posts were what got out of hand.

But mods here and on main site s/b independent. They shouldn’t be Ti-Cat or MRX employees, or for that matter, League employees.

Just my opinion, tho.

My Thread on Mass Yelling was killed also
I've asking someone in Front office to look at it..

Censorship is Ugly and that all this is..

The bottom line here is that if a thread is pulled, it needs to be addressed with the offending party so they wont do it again, and explain to them what the Board rule they broke was....

Without communicating with the person that posted, Personally i would assume that I did nothing wrong and would post it again.

As far as im concerned ive seen many threads disappear lately and some of them were potential good football talk. Delete the replys if they are bad but leave the threads. Yes we have other fan sites for some of the touchy subjects, but i'll say it again....

A Nationally televised interview is something that should be allowed to be discussed, Rob Katz made comments and from the times ive spoke to him he has been quite forward and honest on many different topics. I doubt that interview was any different. He made some good points about our Head Coach search and we should be able to discuss it.