Clarification on Jesse Lumsden

I was wondering if anyone is completely sure of the status of Lumsden's contract. Hoping that next year is his option.

If anyone knows, could they let everyone else know? Thanks

Secondly, Jesse if by chance you're reading this, please stay here, don't bolt to the NFL. I'm sure 25,000 of your closest friends (aka Ticat Fans) would be willing to give you $10 each to stay with the 'Cats.

I’d give 50.00 lol.

We’ve been discussing this in another thread, but It’s still uncertain if 2008 or 2009 is his option year.

But according to this one looks like 2008 is his option year.

[url=] ... 75638_4436[/url]

The new pact, which will see the former McMaster Marauder superstar complete the 2006 season with the 2-11 Tabbies as well as the 2007 campaign.

This is correct, meaning he can leave for the NFL after this season.

Jesse, I'm sure that the 25,000 would be willing to fork out $20...and Bob Young on the side a few hundred thousand. Just don't leave.

Because of how well he has been playing its very likely they will offer him a new contract before this year is up. He deserves to be one of the top 3 highest paid guys and you can bet a new contract will be for more money also.

I think Jessie deserves at least $150,000 per season and I know he isn't making that much right now.

I think if Jesse plays his cards right, he’d benefit more in the long run by staying in the CFL and here’s why I think that.

  1. His running style is more suited to the larger field.

  2. He’s allowed to freelance a bit more in the CFL than he would in the NFL. I mean in the NFL until you prove yourself huge, you can be cut for being one yard out of position…the ability to think for yourself and go on instinct is greatly diminished in the NFL.

  3. He’s paid his dues in Canadian Football and has earned his way through his play so far from the college ranks on up.

  4. He’s squeaky clean in his personal life as far as I can see so he’s a good candidate to become the next CFL Canadian “poster boy”, if you will, which may translate into some huge endorsements (by Canadian standards)

  5. He’s humble yet very likeable and approachable and doesn’t seem to be all “into himself” so that will make him a fan favourite right off (which seems to be the case already)

So all in all, it would be a huge gamble for him to give all that potential up by making another run at the NFL…this is all just my opinion though as he’s positioned himself well so far.

He's humble yet very likeable and approachable and doesn't seem to be all "into himself" so that will make him a fan favourite right off (which seems to be the case already)
Jesse Lumsden really is just 'one of the boys' as his personality shows. He is not full of himself at all, does the job to the best of his ability, doesn't have to do a choreographed routine after scoring and humbly accepts the accolades from his team mates and fans. [b]What a player[/b]!

As an aside, I thought that I heard or read, when he was playing for Mac, that he was asthmatic and would spend time laying on the bench after a long, hard run with a puffer. Any truth to this?

Just my opinion but after what jesse has done so far he will not be going after the NFL the NFL will be coming after him, so plain and simple he can go and make 250k minimum in the NFL so Bob Young better offer him at least that if he wants to keep Jesse around.

Go Cats

Oh also on the post game show they said that this year was jesse's option year so Bob open up your wallett

If he stays here he'll be a superstar. Down south is an awful big pond, and really hard to stand out.

Don't worry. Young will throw the bank at him. If Lumsden leaves, it won't be because the Ticats cheaped out.

Lumsden is a marketing dream. Hometown hero who carries the team on his shoulders. And only 25 years old!

Interesting observation: there were a lot of #28 jerseys in the stands at Ivor Wynne at the last home game vs. Winnipeg. My guess is that there will probably be even more at the Labour Day game. Bob Young isn't stupid. He sees the influence that Jesse's performance is having on this franchise's popularity in the city.

Everything depends on what Lumsden wants for himself.

I'm sure hoping Jesse stays!

It sure is true that up here he's a STAR down in the NFL he'll be one of many ... and don't forget ... he's a white running back ... :stuck_out_tongue:

anyone notice, driving north ( or east, whatever ) on the 403, passing the spec building, there is a billboard for the ticats on the side of the spec building?

that was my idea 2 seasons ago ( or was it last year? )

im so smart...haha

i wish it was jesse on the poster tho, cuz i think its ralph right now.

if jesse's contract was more long-term, do you think the ticats would market jesse more, instead of holmes and ralph ( the 2 who were chosen )? i mean, they are marketing holmes, yet never using him on the field...seems a waste to me.

I can't ever remember a white running back in the NFL to be honest.

Many good american RB's that are white have come to Canada.. Ranek, Volpe, John Hood etc. To be fair though not many white guys ever play RB in general at any level.

Mike Alstott

Alstott is a fullback, and a white fullback in the NFL is not completely uncommon. A white NFL HB is.


LenDale White. :wink:

Just kidding... Actually, Mark van Eeghen led the league back in 1977.