Clarence Denmark

Stand tall, walk proud, hold your head high. You were a very good Winnipeg Blue Bomber.

All he did was play games, usually 18 each year. 15 tds in 28 games will be hard to replace by another #3 guy. Sad list of qb's tossing the ball over his tenure as well.

Denny fits right in with Terrence Edwards, James Murphy, Robert Gordon, Alfred Jackson, Jeff Boyd, Milt, Perry Tuttle and many others among the all time greats. Great attitude in particular. Hope there are a few more red zone td's in your future. Cool runnings and the best of luck to CD89 in whichever direction the road goes.

Thank you for your 7 years in blue and gold.

.....Sad to see the little guy go...He was one of my favourite Bombers....clutch when you needed him...His play has trailed off of late but that sure doesn't negate anything he did in the past...Gonna miss that little spark plug...All the best Denny in your future or otherwise.