Claim Your Name Fast Boys and Girls- Board Changes Coming!

For those who don't look at the announcements section on top of the Index Board.... DO SO NOW. I did just by chance and saw some - once again - progress being dropped upon us. Like last time it SOUNDS like everyone had better re-claim their screen names now or some jokers will grab them from you just to make waves (as happened the LAST several times we got "new and improved boards").

For the life of me I CANNOT understand why they will not allow an automatic import of data from one iteration of the boards to the next. I would LOVE to meet the decision makers on this one in a dim alley. :slight_smile: (I'm afraid of the dark. :smiley: )

So there goes our post count I guess..... too bad...

Ask Bob.
Doesn't MRX run all these sites?
Maybe he's building a big parking lot around the site so he can make you pay more to get in (with the extra information required to sign up for a new account).

Actually.... I have. Whether or not I get a reply is another thing.

Mark, thanks for the heads-up.
I would never have looked there without your warning.
I, too, recall the last time they did this. We lost some very interesting comments from some very knowledgable contributors.
I guess we're supposed to shrug and accept change under the guise of "progress".

As to losing the count........C'est la vie. Some people in here seem to value their huge number of posts.
Some others still value quality over quantity.

I value my post count Wilf.. what does that make me... quantity?

This sucks I am close to 10,000 Posts..

I added the new name.. this sucks

Every They make Major change I lose my post

1st Gen 14TC64 Lost 8,000
Now I'll lost close to 10,000

Why can't you allow us keep out post counts

May I ask both of you why you care? I'm not trying to be an a-hole, I'm just curious as to why it matters to you.

I too am curious why anyone would give two craps about their post counts.

Do they give rewards?


Sheesh. :roll:

Different people collect different things- tangible or otherwise. I don't pay much attention to mine but I fully understand their importance to others. If posting is a hobby then post counts are one of your few signs of accomplishment in the field.

Did you notice that when you choose your team they did not capitalize the C in the team they have it as Hamilton Tiger-cats?

I sent a pm to have them correct it.

I made the change. I don't feel anything. Did I do it right?

Dont you know your only a "true fan" if you have a certain post count

I couldn't care less about post counts but I sure felt like a rookie when they went from the old Tiger-Cats website to this new one and the new "joined" date was applied.
Now I guess we will all be like rookies. :cry:

for me Posting is Fun and There only a few people that made over 10,000 Posts
it alot work and Detaction to make that many posts
9726 Posts
(1.40% of all posts on this site our mine / That Means 5.43 posts per day I write to this board since 2005.

that alot to work I like to see the posts live on..
It may be Part my Legacy as Fan when I am gone..

A post count is part of one's legacy after death? :expressionless:

Ummmmmmmmm, dude ......seriously, you can't be serious..... :roll:

Just call me Borehamgirl. :slight_smile:

An Argo-Cat fan

barney: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Very good.
She has not been around the forum much lately. Maybe she is busy looking for another name. :slight_smile:

Maybe she is on the forum with her new name.

I went through the format of changing my information and then reassumed my old name.

Spikejones changes back to Rocky123.