CKRM website?

Maybe it's a 'local' issue here in the States but since yesterday I have not been able to open the 620 ckrm website to hear the Sportcage show. This morning I see the site is still down. Is there a possible expiration of the domain name to address?

I even did a search to make 100% I had the right URL, yet no site was found. :frowning:

I just checked and it's working for me.

I checked it again and got nothing. I checked the url again and got nothing. no ckrm website or ability to listen online. This doesnt make any sense. IIRC the URL was "620ckrm", apparently that does not allow me to access the site.

Well that's weird it worked for me earlier but after trying your link I get... well probably the same page you get.

One thing I noticed at the top of that page is " expired on 07/18/2011 and is pending renewal or deletion." Hmm that was a week ago how/why was it working earlier? I hope they get straightened out before the next game.

OK thanks. I was starting to wonder why or how the internet could yeild different results from the same domain.
So that IS what apparently happened.... the domain name has expired. WOW! Does Harvard Broadcasting/CKRM pay a person NOT to perform this most simple basic yet vital task?

If true that is just embarrassing!

Yup, it looks like someone forgot to renew the domain. That's just reeks of amateur hour.

looks like its back up!