cknw have this add going on thier site

here is there link

This is exaclly what they need to do to get 50,000 in that dome on friday, this should be the statment right here, i only hope 1040 do the same thing , i dought it though/.

Story in today's Sun:

Lions hoping for one final roar for the 'water boy' Tim Lai, Vancouver Sun Published: Monday, July 14, 2008

VANCOUVER - The B.C. Lions aren't sure yet, but the team's brass knows their former leader would love to see the BC Place dome at capacity.

"I know he'd be very proud if there was a sell out at the stadium," George Chayka, vice-president of business operations, said in an interview Sunday.

He said he'd get a better idea today of the levels of ticket sales. As of Friday, Chayka said the team was selling more tickets a week in advance than the home opener against the Calgary Stampeders. But not by much, he noted.

"A lot of it is going to depend on what happens this week leading up to the game," he said. "There's such a large potential for a large walk up. I'd encourage people to buy tickets in advance if they're planning on going to the game because that ensures minimal wait times."

Immediately following Friday's game against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, the club will hold a ceremony for their former president who started off as a water boy more than 50 years ago. All fans in attendance will receive a commemorative button featuring the decal the players wore on their helmets in their win over the Bombers Friday night. The decal has the Lions' original 1954 logo, the orange paw set on a black background with "BOB" in the centre.

A gold lapel pin with a similar design to the decal will also be available at the game for $5 with all proceeds going to Ackles' newly formed plan of creating a B.C. Football Hall of Fame.

A "BOB" field logo 10 yards in diameter will be placed on the turf for the game.

Since the death of Ackles, tributes have poured in from all levels of the football world. A number of media outlets have suggested the best way for fans to honour him would be to sell out B.C. Place.

"There's been a lot of people who have taken it upon themselves encouraging friends to buy tickets to the game," said Chayka. "They've been paying tribute to Bob by encouraging listeners and audience to be at that game on July 18."

Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan has declared Friday Bob Ackles Day.

just heard on cknw 31,000 already sold for friday,as of yesturday does not look good if you want a sell out i think we hit around 40,000 that is what rick dollywall said just know, he also said this should be at least 50,000 if we do not get at least 45,000 it will be an isult to his name, so he is challanging everybody to go out and buy tickets.

what sorts of crowds do you think we'll get in the weeks ahead?

All the media should be helping the local teams all the time. How much effort does it take for the on air guy to say lets get the dome filled for the next Lions game instead of hearing about a story of his sunburn on the weekend.

i think all sports sites like sun sports province sorts team 1040 should ALL have the same thing and then we might sell out the dome