CJOB Reports Bombers to sign 6 FA'S Very Soon

CJOB has reported that the Bombers will be announcing 6 free agent signings very soon, they just need to dot the i's and cross the t's, the FA'S named are:

Kyle Koch, Dom Picard, and Fred REid

Kelly malveaux, Gavin Walls and Ike Charleton.

Looks as though Gauthier is going to CGY as the Bombers want to go with the younger Koch. Also stated but not confirmed is the Bombers WILL be going into camp with at least 6 QB'S, so far including: Glenn, Dinwiddie, Randall, Chang and 2 kids Taman found in the states (no names were mentioned unless i missed it). The report also stated that Kelly is comfortable with Glenn at QB (should he win the starting job at TC), but Kelly also stated that NO PLAYER AT ANY POSITION IS GUARANTEED, with a few exceptions.

ok.... koch at tackle? i dont know about that... i guess we will see

Just repeating what was on CJOB, maybe they have there eye on a different player to take Gauthiers place, who know, have to wait and see!!

.......Dominic Picard has verbally agreed to return to the BigBlue....just waiting for an official signing and announcement..He definitely was a must-sign.... :thup:

It's about time, i for one am getting sick of waiting for the Bombers to re-sign the free agent they need, and no offense to Milt, but him playing this waiting game about retirement is really getting old and is not good for the team. As i see it we need another eciever regardless with Armstrong now contemplating retirement, plus Armstrong, Bryant and Edwards are all 30 years old or will be this season, time to start looking for younger recievers as the three mentioned above i am sure will not play much longer, not to mention Stoddard is no spring chicken either, this will not be a concern this year, but will be a concern in the near future. Time to start focusing on the future AS WELL as the present, i say the Bombers need to move one or more recievers for younger recievers before it's too late, just my opinion!! Time to move Simpson and a reciever for a younger reciever or 2 i say!!

.....Which receiver would you be willing to give-up on blue.....remember to get something you have to give up on someone with ability.....my thoughts, Kerry Johnson...although i really like the guy....depends on Armstrongs decision to remain playing ,if we should keep Kerry or not......Jordan Younger has been released by the esks....could be someone we should look at right now for our d....As for trades...i hear that Mike Kelly has been on the blower with different gms....trying to line-up some trade possibilities.....Things will start to heat up in the next little while i would imagine :wink:

......Kelly Malveaux has re-signed....a definite and positive guy we need on the roster.... Mike Kelly says that we are close on a few other key guys and that he has talked to other gms about 'possible trades'.....The action for 09 has begun.... :thup:

papa, say you are running big blue and I'm running the Als............I'll offer you Chip Cox (replaces Malbrough in your secondary) and Eric Deslauriers (Canadian depth at WR) in exchange for Moreno (you've got 3 quality MLBs in Moreno, Simpson, and Lobendahn, can't play them all).

Would you take it?

;;;;how about Simpson for those guys......??????

Concerned about his age and injury status..............throw me an extra body and we can talk.

I'd give you Cox and Deslauriers for Moreno; if you want it to be Simpson, you have to add someone else to the package for me (and NOT Robert Bean :smiley:)

......okay ......how about I throw in the rights to Matt Sheridan....still has game and a Canadian..... :thup:

I think you're a better negotiator than Taman..............

No deal.

If you won't take my offered deal of Cox and Deslauriers for Moreno, how about Cox for Simpson straight up?

.....you know i'm an ol horse-trader from way back MadJack...... :lol: ...okay.... Cox and a no 1 draft pick for Simpson...

I have some aging veterans on my roster, and we lost a draft pick last year due to being over the SMS, so I'm not keen on the idea of parting with my draft picks. That said, how about:

Cox and a pick for Simpson and Stanford Samuels (I might lose Estelle to the NFL).

....Stanford loves the Peg and...we love Samuels ( he should never have gone to the esks in the first place) no can do ...How about we give you Simpson straight up for Cox and a second rounder....we win ....you win..... :wink:

Close but no cigar.

You've got to sweeten the pot a bit more. If I do that deal and Simpson blows his knee out in say game 2, then I've lost a starting DB and a pick for nothing. Talk to me about what you'd be willing to do in terms of Cox and the pick for Simpson and future considerations...............

....yeah ...but what happens if Chip comes up lame...or he goes back to his spotty coverage game ( i know he has dropped off a bit since his sojurn to the nfl) i could get burned as well MadJack....OKAY...Simpson/ Sheridan rights for the Chipper straight up and future considerations in 2010....those considerations would include a no 1 draft pick...

Well I still like my first offer of Cox and Deslauriers for Moreno; but I'll take your latest offer as a done deal IF and only IF I don't get Mo Lloyd in free agency.

I'd love to go after him but if so I think the Als would be out-bid by BC and Edmonton.........................nice to dream though.

....good luck with the Mo Lloyd hunt MadJack......someone will ramp-up the going rate for him....and i actually see him leaving the Riders....Will he be out of range for a few teams?????....yup....but he is a quality player ... and Moreno is right behind him on the ability scale :wink: and you can bet we're gonna hang on to him :wink:

id take cox for simpson straight up in a heart beat