CJOB Is Making Rumours Once Again About Possible Trades

I heard on CJOB tonight that the Bomber's are currently in trade talks with a couple of teams, i am figuring this is OB'S way of getting attention but "apparently" Mack is in hush hush mode and is interested in bringing in LB Willie Pile from Toronto in exchange for Ike Charlton and a 2011 draft pick, i can't see it happening but i guess you never know, Willie Pile is a great LB. Another name being thrown around is the return of DB Stanford Samuels from MTL. Either one of these players would be a great asset to The Bombers, but as we know from experience, never believe the media until it really happens, therefore i will say that CJOB is spitting out a bunch of crap and these rumours are not true at all.

id take that deal there. charlton and a 2011 draft pick (aslong as its not a 1st or 2nd round pick) for willie pile. Hopefully it happens, im all for it. bringing back samuels tho, i highly doubt that unless the als release him.

Why would Toronto agree to trade Pile for an older LB who is probably making more money than Pile?

You've answered your own question. A High draft pick. The tradition continues :wink:

Simple answer, Toronto is rebuilding and they want as many picks as they can get in the next year or two and Charlton isn't much older and does not make much more money and is still a pretty good LB. I thought the Cat fans would be happy if T.O traded a great player for a lesser talent since they are your real rivals, or is that changing!!

Isn’t Winnipeg rebuilding, too? Then why give up a high draft pick in a trade?

Shomari Williams would probably be a Bomber this year if you didn’t trade away your first rounder last year.

.....bring on Willie for Ike and a latter round pic.....I do that deal tomorrow.....Pyle is a 'baller' :thup: :rockin:

Anyone would, because it's too good to be true. Unless Barker just fell off the turnip truck, he will demand a high draft pick in a deal like that.

That's fine...that trade makes us better right away...

you dont know what your talking about. If he wants a High pick, even a third rounder its not worth it... because Charlton is still a baller himself. we would be better off not making that deal. He's still one of the best SAM LB's in the league

third rounder… id consider… 1st or 2nd … no chance… charlton is effective, but pile is on another level as far as im concerned

charlton and 3rd rd for pile? works for me.

doubt charlton is getting paid as much as people think, actually wouldnt surprise me if pile is being paid more as he is younger.

dunno if the rumors are legit or not… but for those interested… pile vs charlton in 2009

pile is 30, charlton 33 years old

Pile - 81
Charlton - 72

Forced Fumbles:
Pile - 3
Charlton - 2

Pile - 3
Charlton - 1

Fumbles Recovered:
Charlton - 3
Pile - 2

Pile added 11 ST tackles, charlton was not on the top list i didnt dig further to find his stats, although piles stats were slightly better this past season, depending on their contracts maybe he wouldnt be worth the draft pick?

food for thought… if they want an experience lb other than ike, maybe the best route to take would be FA Dwayne Carpernter recently released by the stamps… carpenter had 3 forced fumbles, 4 fumble recoveries with one being for a td, 15 ST tackles, 39 tackles, and a sack… good stats, though nothing spectacular, wonder what his price tag would be… considering we released shabazz whos stats were superior to pile charlton and carpenter in almost every category…

Complete BS if you ask me.

SAM LB has to be about the easiest position to fill with an import player, you stick a DB or safety in there and not feel a bit of difference.

The Bombers just dumped a boat load of "Pile" type players, to trade for one makes no sense at all.

We are perfectly happy with our Draft Picks and Alex Brinks, Shomari still has to prove that he is as good as his evaulation makes him out to be. Also, don't kid yourself on in two, again you are talking like the Bomber's are a crap team and are going to be walked all over. NEWS FLASH, the Bomber's are better than you or anyone else thinks and we are miles ahead in what you call the "rebuilding stage", i'll tell you now, The Bomber's are already rebuilt and will surprise you Cat fans, why do you talk like the Cats are the franchise of the CFL? because you had a .500 season for the first time in 10 years, please just worry about your team, cause i smell a 3RD place finish in Hamilton!! You will see!!

Oh and Toronto is still a good 2-3 years away from being a contender with there 4 no name QB'S and a ton of talent lost either vis trade or free agency .... by the way keep an eye out for my next topic Bomber's Roster VS Ti-Cat Roster, that topic should make Cat fans realize that they are not any better than the Bomber's this season.

as of right now they are definately a leg up. have a high number of returnees plus a few additions.. however i fully expect the bombers to catch form quickly and battle the cats the whole way for second.. if pierce stays healthy id bet we win that battle.. will be an interesting year for sure :thup:

A leg up, sorry i can’t help myself here, Speaking of Legs (or knees in this case) Tiger Cat fans better hope that Glenn’s wonky knees make it through the whole year, 2 bad knees isn’t good for any football player, especially a QB.

u know what other team people were saying had a leg up because of a high number of returnees.. the 2008 winnipeg blue bombers. Remember how that turned out? yup. we sucked. and who was our starting qb again... ahh hamiltons current one.

As opposed to loose frontal lobe ? Baaaaad Karma you guys brining on yourself.

I think most Bomber fans here have posted that if Pierce stays healthy we'll be in good shape. What's wrong with reminding Ticat fans that Kevin Glenn has two bad knees. It's a fact. When he was in Winnipeg he wore a brace on each knee. I'm not sure if he took one or both off last year or not but for Tabbies fans to refuse to even acknowledge that Glenn has had a history of knee problems smacks of "head in the sand" syndrome on their part. We acknowledge that Pierce has had injuries in the past but I can't recall seeing Hamilton fans acknowledge Glenn's one hit away from another knee surgery.