For all you authentic CFL fans


CFL is dropping the ball with player development, why??

The NHL employs 55% Junior Hockey players.

Why is the CFL dropping the ball?

Why not expand connection with CFJL to allow CFL practice roster enrollment?

I would love even just an official assist. The various teams should maybe have the occasional call for support of local junior programs.

The Sooners in Ottawa date back to 1960 and have seen many of their players end up in the pros. There's no cost, no harm, nothing but potential reward.

CFL teams want the best available players to play in the CFL.

don't go bringing in CJFL players just to appease people. HOWEVER, if a CJFL player IS good enough to play in the CFL then bring him in.

just don't do it because you want to make a certain group happy.

I agree let the best players play if someone in the PJFL is good enough great! I went to one PJFL game live and not trying to be rude but I wouldn't waist my time going back to watch another game

cjfl is bad football being coached by bad football coaches. if you are a good enough football player with any talent at DL/LB/DB/WR you would not want to play in the CJFL. At that age you would rather go to NCAA than CIS or CJFL but the NCAA is probably too good for them.

Basically if you are good you arent going to cjfl.

This makes zero sense man.
CJFL is the senior most available league in Canada available to players who do not wish to go the academic route.
There are some great players coming out of the league and entering the CFL right now, and that trend is growing sharply, so much so that there has been discussion of dropping the territorial rights and creating a draft system for the players the past couple of seasons. Andrew Harris is the perfect example of why what you just said is total crap…sorry…but it is

he is the exception, not the norm.

I can only name a handful of players that are in the CFL today who played in the CJFL

Harris - BC
Hurl - Sask
Newman - Wpg (6 game Inj)
Spencer Wilson - Cgy
McCallum - BC
J.R. Larose - BC
Jermaine Gabriel - Tor
Zack Evans - Ott

there are a couple more but they don’t count as they’re only on the Practice Roster.

so 8 players in the CFL are from the CJFL.

Totally agree with Depop. I've spent many happy hours being thoroughly entertained by Junior ball, and have also enjoyed watching countless players pass through the Junior ranks into the CFL. Of all teams in the league, the Riders have arguably benefitted the most from the development of Canadian talent in their own backyard through the Hilltops and (formerly) the Ram programs. Great league, loads of excitement. But I'm not even sure why someone would make such a negative post about the CJFL in the first place.

Dan Clark is another who made the jump from CJFL straight to the CFL.

Some are just brainwashed into thinking the U.S model is the only model for football :roll:

He obviously can’t see the point of the thread.

IMO the CFL most notably the east division should invest in its feeder system CJFL and CIS. and not rely on U.S. recruitment and lowering the Canadian ratio.

As for bad coaches , how does anyone know? Here in Hamilton Jason Hayes is a fine coach, who could have played in CFL given the same op as a Quinten Poerter or Kevin Eiken. for example

the Canes current QB has a strong arm :thup:

[url=http://www.hometeamsonline.com/teams/default.asp?u=HAMILTONHURRICANES&t=c&s=football&p=profile&playerID=175199]http://www.hometeamsonline.com/teams/de ... rID=175199[/url]

so spitting out 8 names off the top of your head is not an indication that good players com from the Jr ranks? what kind of numbers do you expect? And like I said, the trend is growing in a big-time way.

It's Canada..what do you expect from the lowest self esteme country in the world

Maybe these will help:

[url=http://www.ottawasooners.net/index.php/alumni/sooners-in-the-cfl]http://www.ottawasooners.net/index.php/ ... in-the-cfl[/url]

load of crap...must just be you.

there is a difference between self esteem and generally genuine and caring people who are not full of themselves because of the cover of their passport, and have decentralized social studies in school.