I was at the Kamloops Cowboys camp and i heard that the Ok. Sun are gettin into the CIS, wich doesnt make sence to me and I was wondering if anyone could prove or disprove this for me… thanks

Okanagan Sun are still in the Junior league. They talk about it (CIS) with regards to the Okanagan colleges, but thats a long, long way off.

Whats up with Kamloops Cowboys, are they back in the Junior league this year? I know Nanaimo added a team and Tri-Cities is on probabtion this year.

I have limited knowledge on this topic (some may argue that I have limited to no knowledge on any topic) but I believe the University Colllege of the Cariboo(no, I’m not kidding) is in Kamloops. I believe what would happen is similar to what happened to the Regina Rams when they became the Uof R’s football team.

Now, the Rams became the CIS’s whipping boy and the Sun undoubtedly would suffer through the same lean years(all the career footballer’s would get the boot) but if the CanadaWest approves it, it’s a done deal…should the rumour be true.

I know the idea’s been bandied about in the OUA and CanadaWest in hockey circles but this is the first I hear of it in football. Another football team in the CIS is never a bad thing though… 8)

the Kamloops Coyboys are expectin to get in again either this year or next, depending on if they get the money, and i think they want a better field to… and i have no idea about basically anythin else on this topic

Go Hiltops!!!

didnt you guys beat us last year?.. or mabe two years ago… havent been payin attention lately

the hiltops?

i think so… Saskatoon rite?.. i just remember hearin about them, but i honestly dont remember if we even made the finals… Victoria might have beat us

yes the hiltops are from Stoon, we went undefeated last year and lost first round of playoffs, didnt really get into much but now that i know a few people on the team ill keep a close eye.

im pretty sure the hilltops are from saskatchewan, cause when i was at my brothers game , these people were yelling at the team how they dont have hilltops in saskatchewan, it was damn funny. actually im postive, its either saskatoon or regina… i think saskatoon, well anyways! you should all watch out for the rifles this year! they are gonna be on FIRE! :wink:

There from Saskatoon, and the Hiltops are gonna rule this year, they picked up this RB from my high school who had 6 straight 300 yard games.

WOW!!!.. that is insane… the OK Sun had a crazy good running back last year… Jesse Halvorson, i think… but if any of you remember he was one of few unlucky ones who has died playin football… now i have no idea who we got runnin the ball

they could make one like the one we got here in Kelowna… pretty much big concrete bleachers with a little concession next to it, and some of those crappy cheap tin bleachers… id bet it wouldnt cost much as far as stadiums are concerened