CJFL gets no respect...

The final for the league was in Saskatoon today and the Hilltops are the champs... I do believe that the final score was 34-23... congrats to the 'Toppers... but nothing on TSN, Sportsnet even this site... brutal.

I watched the Hamilton Hurricanes alot this year.I REALLY became frustrated however when they went out to play a playoff game in BC and there was zero news whatsoever about what had happened on any sports site or in the local paper.I finally found out a few days later by googling it that they had lost.Coverage of the CJFL is absolutely utterly pathetic.

Yep must agree. If you think about university football it too doesn't get the coverage it deserves yet we draft from this league? Perhaps TSN could dedicate a section in the website to both. Even a blog. University students would eat it up.

I agree with this thread for sure. I too would like to see some more CIS and Junior football - its a chicken and egg thing I think, most people dont want to watch if there is no hype, and with no one hyping it up - no one wants to watch it!

I do think the CIS could take off if it got some more exposure - lets hope it happens - then on to the CJFL.

CJFL is a decent league for players who aren't ready to play University Ball.

btw, the Hilltops are the best team in the history of Junior Football.

When I lived briefly in Ontario, I did see more of a college atmosphere around their University teams when they played football. Mostly due to the fact that the Universities are fairly close distance wise so they get that competitive nature going and crowd support. It would be nice as posted by themuck if there was more hype. It would build up to something like you have in USA where their college games bring in huge crowds for the games, since all the alumni keep supporting the team. You have it to a certain extent here but unless you can watch all the games (TV) or follow the teams relatively easily, you'll never grow that ground support needed to establish a self-sustaining support system.

Before we go lighting torches and grabbing pitchforks:


Not much, but more than the "nothing" that some were proclaiming.

It took them awhile to post that... the game was this afternoon. Nothing about the game itself before it was played, or who was going to be in it. If it gets mentioned at all, its an afterthought.

But it got mentioned. You said there was nothing, this is more than nothing. And it's an afterthought just like JUCO ball is an afterthought in the US.

The game was over at around 5 pm Sask time... that means it was 6pm Eastern.. the story wasn't posted until 10 pm... that's 4 hours where one could find nothing about the game. So in the age of interent and instant game results, why did it take so long to post it? If not a story, at least the score...

As far as this site goes, it is right that there is no mention. Just as NFL.com is only for NFL.

why would you require any other site to have it when you can go right to the source


Which I am sure you, and anyone else who cares, must already know about.

Probably because very few people care. None of the major sports outlets in the US cover JUCO ball, so it really shouldn't have been a surprise that none of the major sports outlets up here cover the equivalent. It's not the job of the sports networks to cover every single sporting event. The major ones get talked about, and then the minor ones. For most people, the CJFL doesn't even qualify as a minor one. For some, like yourself, it does. One could always go to the CJFL website and find out what they wanted. The casual sports fan in Canada has no idea what the CJFL is.

Funny, TSN goes on and on and rants how youth development is fundamental to the success of the CFL. That we need to embrace JR ball to encourage development pf high caliber athletes, especially if we want to expand. They talk about it pretty much to some degree almost every game. The commentators do a great job throwing in JR, but it stops there. You go on their site and they have all sorts of links up top...
here they are, but NOTHING on Canadian JR Football, Uni football, basketball, hockey, etc....everyone should write in and complain!
here are their options:





* Curling

* Tennis

* Golf

* Soccer

      o NASCAR
      o Formula One
      o IndyCar
      o NASCAR Canadian Tire Series
      o Nationwide
      o Camping World

      o World Juniors
      o Spengler Cup
      o Men'S WHC
      o Women'S WHC
  Hockey Canada+


      o AHL
      o Boxing
      o Canada Games
      o CHL
      o CIS
      o ECHL
      o Figure Skating
      o Lacrosse
      o NCAA
      o Skiing
      o Summer Sports
      o Winter Sports

* Olympics

* Fantasy

* Daily Line

* Poker

* Shows

* TSN Talent

Exactly INC.. this game used to have national TV coverage, and even had its own name.. the Canadian Bowl. When the UofR Rams used to be in this league, they produced many players that went on the the CFL... do the names Aldag, Poley(just as examples) ring a bell? There is a market there, it just has to be tapped... many pay lip service to the importance of developing football at the minor league level, but it comes to actually doing something, it just falls on deaf ears.

I bet a few Regina Ram alumni would challenge your position.

This problem of lack of coverage likely originates with junior football itself. Are they sending out schedules, press releases, media kits and the like? Do they have a presence in social media? If not, then it's going to be very difficult to get much coverage because nobody knows anything about them.

I used to occasionally go to Huskies and the Wildcat games with my dad. It was pretty good football and deserves much more coverage than it gets.

Game just got a shoutout during the BC Sask Game.

And since I can't edit they they showed clips from the game during half time, is your outrage over?

Kudos to the panel for showing the clips, but no coverage when it counted, when the game was on… as I said it used to have its own name, and the game shown on national TV. If we are going to develop minor football in Canada, games like this need more coverage… its not “outrage” as you put it… this game had it all, a punt return for a TD, and 80 yd pass play, a near comeback by the VI… everything you would want in an exciting football game… and yet, very few get to watch it.

Your right Sambs, I'd watch that too or PVR it at least. Winnipeg has got the Rifles to cheer on.

Pretty sure someone somewhere read your thread tho and thats why we saw it so grats!