CJFL (Canadian Junior Football League) 2023

awesome. another prairie team would be fantastic.

also what the heck, they should be called the Rattlesnakes or Rattlers! southern alberta is rattlesnake country.

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Andrew Harris, new Head of football ops for Vancouver Island Raiders and 2024 HC

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Or they can`t afford a University education at this time .

I think it is mostly the latter. But good they can keep playing a good calibre of football.

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I'm looking forward to seeing how Ottawa does in year 2 after covid hiatus.

The OFC needs another power team to compete with London and St.Clair. Maybe Hamilton will climb the rankings a bit too this year.


Interesting announcement. Both teams start their seasons in September. I wonder how often this kind of thing happens with CJFL teams:


Ottawa Sooners bringing in Global players:

And an American:

With the OFC and BCFC expanding over the past two seasons, I was really hoping that the PFC would too, but it looks as though Lethbridge was not approved.


Anyone know what Gary Stern is up to these days?

From their FB page:

Hello everyone,

I attended the AGM for the Prairie Football Conference in Saskatoon Saskatchewan today and I am sad to report that we were unsuccessful the bid for expansion. At the end of it all the other teams still couldn’t get past their own thoughts on our long term sustainability, and the other teams didn’t want to pick up the extra cost of another team for them to travel to.

I am incredibly sad and very sorry. I feel like I let the entire Southern Alberta area down but there was nothing more that could have been done. I want to thank everyone for their support over the last 3 years of planning.


Nice to hear the expansion team led the league in attendance. Let's hope they can get some lights for their night practices.

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It's a huge part of whats wrong with the CFL plan to host games in other cities. The infrastructure isn't there....
I would hope they can get it done. Usually it take someone to get the bit between their teeth and start fundraising. Sometimes when you do that the municipality will meet you halfway on costs.......

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It's nice to see Canadians getting opportunities in Europe as they won't get a look in the American dominated CFL.

Like it even more when Canadians are bypassing the CFL for the NFL.

That's too bad. I believe the PFC is worse for it and it's also a loss for amateur football.

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