CJ Gable Retiring?

I just saw this on CJ's Instagram account about the next chapter in his life with the Los Angeles Fire Department.

I don't know if he is leaving the Ticats or just planning his career after football.

If this is his chance to join the fire dept, good luck and all the best and thanks for all you did for the Cats.

One of the most exciting players I've seen play.


Sure sounds like he has a new job as a Firefighter, good luck to him

My guess it's preparation and not retirement right here and now. All his social media, (Twitter & Instagram) is loaded with pics & vids of him training & working out for football. He was also at the FA camp in LA and spoke with the players attending.

Never a bad thing to prepare and get your ducks in a row for post football or if something was to happen sooner.

if he does, hopefully we draft Augustine and use him and Timmis as a 1-2 punch

I would think that if he gets selected as a fire fighter that he would be gone immediately. It's a career for the next 30 years or so and very few get selected. The Fire department doesn't care if he's playing part time football somewhere, they aren't going to hold a place for him.

Shades of Sandy Beveridge ?


I expect this is true, re: limited window of opportunity.

And given the tenuous nature of a pro football career, especially in a league where even the majority of "star" players make well south of $300,000/year, choosing the Fire Dept. over football is a no-brainer. That would be the case even if CJ's career didn't have specific question marks heading into this year (age, injury history).

If he were younger and there were still a realistic chance of jumping to the NFL with a stellar CFL season or two, it might be more complicated.

If I were CJ and had a good long term career opportunity ahead of me like that, I'd go for it. If he does, I wish him all the best.

It makes sense that the team signed a couple of free agent RBs.

The LA Fire Department is just coming out of a 5 year hiring freeze, which created massive Overtime pay for shortstaffed Firefighters

"Peter Sanders, spokesman for fire Chief Ralph M. Terrazas, said the department emerged last year from a five-year hiring freeze, and retirements and attrition have led to an increase in overtime. He added that the city is busy hiring new firefighters and expects to catch up with its losses during the fiscal year beginning July 1."

LA firefighters can earn up to $300K a year in overtime, study says

[url=http://www.dailynews.com/government-and-politics/20160621/la-firefighters-can-earn-up-to-300k-a-year-in-overtime-study-says]http://www.dailynews.com/government-and ... study-says[/url]
8) If Gable is accepted, he would be a fool not to take the job !!
   I would think he is as good as gone from the TiCats, after reading between the lines here !!

ever herd of maybe someone setting themselves up for after football ? he is still under contract here and would never pull a CW80 stunt


Players retire while under contract all the time. The contract only limits the player's mobility within the league (and the CFL and NFL currently have an agreement to recognize each other's contracts as well). As someone pointed out earlier in thread, if Gable is retiring, it would be a Sandy Beveridge situation, not a Chris Williams situation.

Until I hear an announcement, I'll assume Gable will be at camp, but we'll have to wait and see.

I have no issue if CJ or any player retires for a future career outside of football especially with CFL salaries.

Cry baby Williams was a completly different issue and I would never place CJ in that catagory.

"Cry baby Williams" ?? if I remember correctly it was all about his agent telling him that he was being paid a pittance and as the most outstanding player in the league he should walk away.
Williams is a guy that doesn't say much.
In CJs case it's his decision to walk away and get a second career, for contracts and negotiations it's all about the agents calling the shots, I don't blame CW at all.

Well, you don't even remember correctly about an easily verifiable fact, never mind private conversations.

Well on the bright side at least is the fact that if Gable does indeed retire is that we have stockpiled a bunch of new candidates at RB that will be in T.Camp this year . We also have promising 2nd year man Ross Scheuerman returning as well as Canadian Mercer Timmis for added depth . At the present time the team has including Gable a total of 6 RB’s on the roster with all 3 of the newcomers (Cierre Wood , Alex Green , Jeremy Stewart) all having some varying degree of experience playing in the NFL .

As much as I like C J and would love to see him back with the team the fact of the matter is that if he does indeed decide to retire then I’ll wish him well and good luck in the future and thank him for his services while here . By the look of things though even if it’s with or without Gable this season the Cats seem to have the position well covered with what promises to be some stiff competition and depth at RB for the upcoming season .

It appears Gable will be at Training camp, he is working out with MTL QB Vernon Adams

CJ GABLE?Verified account @CJ_Gable 22h22 hours ago
Getting that great work in with my boy @vadams_qb
#new #itsfriday #workingout #footballhttps://www.instagram.com/p/BUAQmlAA-xn/

Gable will be in the last year of his contract

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/2015/02/23/staying-in-tigertown-gable-signs-extension-with-cats/]http://www.cfl.ca/2015/02/23/staying-in ... with-cats/[/url]

Doesn't matter who we have at Running Back if Austin refuses to run the ball. Seems like he's only interested in a blocker. If that's the case, why not just use a Full Back? Which brings me to the question...why has the Full Back gone the way of the dodo bird in the cfl? Same goes for the Tight End.