CJ Gable out for 4 weeks

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 6m6 minutes ago
BREAKING: #Ticats RB @CJ_Gable has hand injury & is expected to miss up to four weeks. #CFLTC #CFL :expressionless:

Well that took longer than I expected.

Love CJ…but I am extremely worried about his (lack of) durability.

4 weeks would put him back for the week 4 game at MTL on July 16, week 3 is a bye. He will miss the first 2 games

8) He just can't be depended on to stay healthy anymore !!

And now this :expressionless:

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 49m49 minutes ago
More bad #TIcats injury news: coach Kent Austin doesn’t think DT Brian Bulcke will be ready to start the season. #CFL

up to four weeks right?

Maybe he’ll be back for week 2 @ WPG.

Maybe Nic Grigsby out plays him for the starters spot.

Anyone that dont think CJ is great and just having bad luck are complete sillyheads

Oy Vey :expressionless:

I hope the start of this season isn’t a carbon copy of the start of last season (a skeleton roster playing lots of road games to start the year)

Not cool :cry:

We've definitely had a serious injury bug run through this franchise the last few years

With Madu sidelined and Woodson rehabbing, Grigsby is will be getting a huge workload.

It's too bad but hopefully he'll heal up the hand and get back in the 4 week period, but we have depth at that position with Grigsby, Madu and Woodson so this will give everyone an opportunity.


Its CJ,s Ball Carrying hand if not he would only be out few days but trust me it wont be 4 weeks the Article says UP TO 4 WEEKS so 4 would be worst case expect to see him in Game 2 vs the Bumbers :slight_smile: and id even take a small bet he plays vs the red guys :rockin:

<10 carries, I bet.

His injuries are piling up over such a short space of time, whether bad luck or not.

He’s such a great talent and so much fun to watch.

Here’s hoping his fortunes take a change for the better very soon.

On the other hand, having Nic Grigsby in camp will hopefully ease things for the team.

Jesse Lumsden #2 :thdn: :roll: this player would be gone if it wasn't for the Austin connection give me a break :cowboy:Grigsby is way better North / south up the gut runner anyway with durability and TOUGHNESS too boot !

You can blame a player for performance. You can’t fault a player for injuries. Those can happen to anyone at any time. With our Oline in such a state earlier that season, who say that wasn’t a factor. Dan Lefevour was also hurt during that time. Even Zach Collaros`concussion could have been a consequence of a porous Oline.

Our Offensive front during Jesse Lumsden`s tenure was less than stellar. He was also a great joy to observe when he was healthy. The fact that he was off the field on a number of occasions does not diminish his abilities in my eyes a bit.

I am no doctor, but It appears to be a broken finger

Scott Gardner ?@Scottatthespec 51m51 minutes ago
Ticats C. J. Gable tosses mini football to fans at free public practice Sunday

Grover, I was thinking that it was a dislocated baby finger, otherwise his hand might be in a cast. With a dislocation, the finger can be manipulated back into joint and simply taped to the neighbouring finger. I know this from personal experience. All-in-all, it doesn’t seem to be that bad an injury…

I’ll give you durability but everything else is horsecrap. CJ>Grigsby and its not close but its definetly nice that we do have Grigsby as a back up.

If Ham gets another RB hurt could cause problems. Maybe its time to bring in another RB for safety sake. :wink: