CJ Gable or Alex Green

This has to be a no brainer. Alex Green had a game last week in BC better than any game CJ has played for us .

CJ has dropped alot of passes and many times gets stopped at the line of scrimmage on running plays not able to miss the first tackle or out muscle the tackler

Alex Green straight armed BC all star linebacker Elimimian.

Alex Green is the reason we beat BC last week .

I can't recall a better game played by a ticats running back


Green. No brainer.


Green has great acceleration, with a few more plays will make him even more deceptive. :wink: ;D

Probably comes down to coaching philosophy.
Can a player lose his job due to injury? Some coaches have a hard and true rule that this does not happen. Ever.
Otherwise easy to say give Gable one more week to get completely healthy.

  1. Alex Green…without question !!!

maybe they can dress both ? It's possible if reports are true that Atkinson is back at practice and good to good at DT . Atkinson could replace import Neill alongside Coleman in the interior as one of our 7 cdn ratio starters and that would free up an import spot on the game day which would allow the team to theoretically dress both Green and Gable for this game . Gable being one our 4 D.I's subbing in with Green and also being available for kick return duties .

I get it that both Green and Gable are valuable players. In this offence there is no need to dress both of them though. There is not an over abundance of opportunities for one RB to handle. IMO strengthen the team in another area. Some word that our safety is ailing. Maybe plug an International in there for a week.

140yrds rushing last game says Green starts! :slight_smile:

I'd like to see Jones approach this in the way Trestman did in challenging Wilder. Put Green in with the understanding that one week does make him the automatic starter. Show the same performance two weeks in a row, and then we can discuss who will be the future first-stringer.

And he still has the option of choice week to week, depending upon the strengths of our opponent.

Have to go with Green. Give him the opportunity to prove last week wasn't a fluke.

Plus, to have a chance to win, we have to keep Ray, Wilder & Argos O off the field. That means we have to control the ball & win time of possession. That means running game, and that in turns means Green gets the start.

How is there even a debate after the game Green had last week...140 yards on only 13 carries. That's over 10 yards/carry. Never understood the"you can't lose your starting job due to injury"...you can if the player replacing you plays better. Look at Dak Prescott when Romo went down...the Cowboys didn't go back to Romo when he was healthy. No brainer...start Green and give him the ball. No need to have 2 import RBs to share the ball, unless you're inserting Gable for his blocking ability. But, if that's the case, why not just put in Prime to block in a 2 set backfield?

Agreed. Gable never even came close to putting up those kinds of numbers this year.

Well so much for that

"At running back, it looks like C.J. Gable will return to his starting role despite the strong performance (140 yards on 13 carries) by Alex Green in the win over B.C. last week. Green took some reps with the first unit as well, however, so that decision may not be set in stone."


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#Ticats HC June Jones says he’s decided on starting RB for Sat but wants to talk it over with staff.

Have to go with Green

I'd go with Green. Play the hot hand. Would Trestman sit Wilder if Coombs was available?

If Gable starts over Green...something stinks.

I like CJ...but he hasn't shown anything near what Green gave last week, in a long time.

"Something stinks" according to ticats twitter. They show the starting lineup for tomorrow, including Gable.

I have no problem with either one, a tough decision means it is a good thing either way.